Thursday, October 16, 2008

Everybody Shines

Sometimes it pays to do this blogging stuff.  Not long ago I wrote about my quest for yeast in bulk. Lydia Grace, a local and frequent reader of this blog, found some at a large warehouse the other day. I happened to be at another very large store related to the warehouse.  My door-bell chime cell phone rang and rang as I furiously dug into the recesses of my purse to find it. It was Lydia Grace asking if I wanted her to buy yeast for me. 

Our connection was bad and we both moved about our separate stores for a good patch. I noticed a man looking twice at me. I'm sure it wasn't my looks he was eyeballing, but rather my rather loud voice as LG and I tried to communicate. Oh my! I was doing just what I complain about other people doing. Did I think I was in my own kitchen or something? How embarrassing. I took my cart and headed down an aisle of stuffy winter jackets, hoping my conversation would be muffled.

And now I have a good stock of yeast in the freezer. Let the baking begin, and thank you, Lydia Grace! I love that you read my blog and act!

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    My privilege to 'ferment' our relationship with such a small offering..What a 'potential for growth' there is in friendship..
    May your loaves be bountiful and may the butter flow..


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