Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

We were definitely high in the Rocky Mountains last month when we visited friends there prior to The Gardener's business in that area. I don't remember altitude sickness every bothering me quite so much.  We live not all that much above sea level here, so we were really up there at 10,000 feet above sea level. The cool air was really refreshing just at a time when we were reaching our limit with the humidity and heat here in our place of living. 

We started out staying with our friends in Denver where they treated us to an unusual breakfast casserole of rice and sausage and something else--I must get the recipe--and throughout our time there, Jeannie played records for us. 

Her collection is amazing and it was just so much fun to see her put them on the turntable and set the needle on ... and the music would start!  Whenever she hears of someone getting rid of their old records, she takes them off their hands


  1. what a fun time with friends! Rice, sausage, and records, huh? Sounds like an unusually enjoyable time! And, I LOVED the pink white house.

  2. I have some old records that I just "inherited" when my father in law moved. Would she like them? :-) One is called "Canterbury Pilgrims", looks like it is both music and narration. Another one is a collection of songs made famous during WW1 and WW2, such as "Pack Up Your Troubles". These are treasures without a home. If she'd like them, I'll send them along! The others all have to do with history as well. Though one of them is "133 Authentic Sound Effects"!


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