Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mom's Oatmeal Bread

I had forgotten how good kneading bread is for the mind and for the soul.  You can work out a lot while you knead. I love working with my hands.

Photos: Rising, and ready to be punched down.


Oatmeal Bread
1 cup uncooked oats
2 Cups scalded milk
1 pkg. yeast in 1/2 Cup water with a pinch of sugar
1/2 Cup molasses
2 tsp salt
1 Tb. shortening
4 1/2 or so cups flour 

Pour hot milk over oats and let sit until  cool. Meanwhile begin activating yeast in warm (not too warm) water
with the sugar. When milk/oat mixture has cooled add the yeast/water, molasses, salt, oil, with a cup of flour (I chose to use one cup of whole wheat flour and the rest white, though it makes a heavier bread) and beat well. Continue adding rest of flour and turn out onto floured surface and knead until smooth. Return to floured mixing bowl, cover with tea towel and let rise until doubled (or almost). Punch down and place on floured surface, let it rest a few minutes, cut in three and roll out each section. Roll each piece into loaf shape, pinching under the ends and placed in greased and floured bread pan. Cover with tea towel and let rise another hour. Bake in preheated 425 degrees for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake another 25-30 minutes. Let loaf pans cool and turn out onto cooling rack.  If you desire softer crust, dab butter, margarine or oil on top of resting loaf. Wait til cool before slicing.  Especially good toasted.

 WARNING: May be consumed faster than you intended.


  1. Hmmmmm, this looks delicious! I will have to try it out!!!! Let's see if I can successfully make it or if I'll majorly mess it up!=)

  2. YUM.....I'll bet your house smelled
    absolutely heavenly today.


  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    It is time for homemade bread...Warm, buttered homemade bread...oh, my...This recipe will be made soon..


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