Wednesday, October 15, 2008

true confessions

The Gardener and I are "political junkies" I guess you could say. It's sort of embarrassing to say a good political debate is like a "super bowl" for us. The Gardener has always been this way, and over time, I have come alongside his interests, making them my own as well. It now is something we enjoy together, if you could use that particular word at this particular time in this particular political season.

Our big splurge is cable in order to have some fair and balanced news sources. It's also an important asset for the Gardener's life-long calling to think, analyze, write, and advise. 

There was a time that I did not understand or care much about politics. That began to change when the pro-life movement came to life. A point in time I remember well was  when the boys and I helped a judge get re-elected. The great controversy in his courtroom was the fact that he opened his court sessions in prayer, and found the court ran much better because of that.  What a stew pot that all was, and a good time of learning for our kids. Then when Bush Sr. was running for a second term, both vice-presidential candidates came to our fair city. As part of our home school studies, I took our boys to see both men. (Youngest even shook the hand of then Vice-President Quayle.)  Then we studied the media reports, clipping news articles from local papers, and watching reports on television. We made a notebook, and even noticed the difference in photos of each man. There was a decided bias, even back then.

I appreciated something I heard a commentator say the other day. No matter what the results of this election, life will go on. We will still get out of bed each day to work, to love our families, and to serve and love others, helping this country continue to be the great country that it is.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    There's comfort in those final words of this post of yours. I think on similar lines when I see daily routines abided by. But seeing God's world continue---as in nature---the sun coming up, the seasons change, etc., that's where the real security comes in for me.

    He is the same, now and forever. A hearty AMEN to that!

    Love this post, btw!

  2. Yes, a great post, and I thoroughly agree with your last paragraph also.

    I have read so much. I must say that I have quit watching all the stuff on TV. I had come to that commentator's point of view myself not too long ago.


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