Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Ahead of Her Time

Amy Carmichael was a woman ahead of her time. Back in the 1890s she worked hard
and fought long against what we now call human trafficking.
She went to India as a young woman and saw girls (especially)
being used as temple prostitutes. Little by little, one by one, she began to rescue them.
Eventually she established a home where as many as 900 children
lived out their childhood. She also started a hospital on the grounds.
And so we gathered around Bonifice's table on a rainy Monday morning.
Our friend in Germany took us on a tour of her new flat
before leading us via Skpye in discussing Amy Carmichael's biography.
This is a fairly new biography of Amy and some of us had read
others, as well as books that Amy has authored.
But no matter how much we read about her, we never get over
amazement at her sacrificial life ... how she mothered so many
children, how she never went back home to England for a visit, how she spent many
years in bed after a fall in her early 60s, how she never drew attention to herself ...
Our leader posed challenging questions because
Amy's was a life that demanded that.
Amy did much of her writing during the last 20 years  of her life, 
when she was mostly confined to her bed after an accident.

"Gone, they tell me, is youth,
Gone is the strength of my life,
Nothing remains but decline,
Nothing but age and decay.

Not so, I'm God's little child..
Only beginning to live;
Coming the days of my prime,
Coming the strength of my life,
Coming the vision of God,
Coming my bloom and my power."
A.C. 1935


  1. She truly lived her life for Christ, didn't she Dotsie? I've never read anything about Amy Carmichael, but I'm glad to learn about her here. How great that you can have a book discussion with a friend in Germany via Skype.

    Your table looks so pretty Dotsie; I love the pottery plates, and the fruit looks wonderful. :) I hope you're having a good week.



  2. I have never heard about this remarkable woan so THANK YOU for introducing her to me. I will get her book soon. Thanks again.

  3. I am reading the biography by Elisabeth Elliot. It is humbling to read about such people. I find it odd that Elisabeth was mostly bedridden her final years, too. How neat to be able to do discussions via Skype. You are so hip and happening!

  4. What a selfless life she led, Dotsie. I will look for her new biography. ♥

  5. The last biography I read of Amy Carmichael was by Elisabeth Elliot. Both remarkable women. Amy's life is a challenging example of how one woman, dedicated fully to her Savior, can contribute so much to God's kingdom. What a wonderful book club you have!

  6. I have not read any books about Amy Carmichael but your description is of a totally devoted woman doing the work of God.
    How neat to include a friend in Germany by skype at your gatherings.

  7. What a sacrificial life she led. I'm going to have to copy that quote by her.

  8. Amy's poem--the second stanza--is something we should memorize! Thanks for sharing a bit of her story.

  9. Love your photos. Thanks for posting and for being out of the rain on Monday!

  10. What an amazing woman. I don't think I've heard of her, the children she rescued and the sacrificial life she lived. I think I'll have to look for this book. Thank you for sharing Dotsie. I love how you ladies gather and share the books you read. It really is wonderful. Blessings,

  11. What a remarkable life. And I need to get a copy of that book, I can see. Dedication like that seems to be scarce these days, or maybe we just hear about the less faithful.

  12. Podso,
    The woman had "gust", dear friend!!!
    My MoMa and her Sisters use to say to me, "Where's your Southern fighting Spirit, young Lady?"
    Oh my goodness, how I miss the three of them around the table after family meals in heir discussions!!!
    I'm sure many of the worlds problems were solved there!!! (wink!)
    Your hostess reminds me of one of my Aunts!!!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder to read for life!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing- I am intrigued now, and will have to find out more.


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