Friday, February 10, 2012


I always think of Valentine's Day as more of a girlie kind of day than something little boys would like. Maybe it's all the pink and hearts and flowers ...  I can't see the Gardener getting too excited about being given a bouquet of cut flowers, but he would love a flowering plant in the ground (as a matter of fact, he just bought me one for Valentine's.)

Quite frankly the reason he got us me a flowering plant is because he knows me well.  I have a hard time seeing too much money spent flowers that fade so quickly. That's just my little hang-up. (I think it's partly due to my Dutch background, but also the years I lived in Africa.)

But back to little girls ... after raising boys, I'm enjoying the plethora of little girls in our extended family, not to mention our own "Little One" ... and it's fun to do little bits of sweetness for them. I've been spending a good deal of time in doctors' waiting rooms with my mother of late, and have enjoyed the captive time to crochet while we talk.

 I originally started with little hearts for hair "bows,"(inspiration here) but after "Little One" vetoed them, I switched to the more substantial flowers, and tied in the little hearts! Whether or not they will be worn, I surely had fun making them!

Connecting to Pink Saturday at Beverly's blog.


  1. Adorable! How about headbands? You could glue several on to a purchased one. Looking forward to seing what you come up with.

  2. Dotsie,
    How lovely. I was surrounded by boys and my grand daughter is a tomboy!

    Your crocheting is lovely.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. The are so sweet. Valentine's
    Day is a very red and white girly day ,but my son and uncle really make it special.
    Smiles, Dottie

  4. So...I love to crochet - care to share how you make them? I currently have a g-son, but maybe a g-daughter one day!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful posies, Dotsie!! They would be so cute sewn on a sweater, too!! Ideas popping!

    Doesn't having a project in hand make waiting a treat (to have a moment to crochet or knit)?? ;) Hope your Mom is doing okay.
    blessings ~ tanna

  6. Well these are cute - how about a fascinator for her Podso? (hope I spelled that right) I'm seeing them in many shops here and if my hair was longer I might become adventurous.

  7. So cute!
    I guess guys like Choc. and food for Valentine's Day. Will miss you tomorrow for our Valentine's Morning at Julie's.

  8. You are talented, Dot. These are very sweet! I can see them sewn on little crocheted caps.

    I am not one to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't decorate for's like another excuse to decorate! I do love getting flowers from hubs...if he remembers, but it's nicer if I get them on any random day of the week.

    Hope your mother is feeling better.


  9. Podso,
    Perhaps "little one" will enjoy them more in your youth than her childhood. I, being the "tom boy" of the family in my childhood...became the classic lady in my youth and adulthood. My MoMa always said..."You were born old." and another..."My daughter's drab attire." I liked wearing suits to high school. Still wear jackets in the office and suits to Worship! In time, I'm sure she will appreciate your lovely hand work.

  10. It's nice to be able to do handwork while waiting for appointments (I don't) and to make little flowers for little girls' hair. Sweet.

  11. My husband always teases me that I crochet for everyone else but not for him. :) Your crocheted flowers look like sweet little neopolitan confections. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  12. I raised 4 boys and now we have 2 grand daughters, but they are in my area; enjoy! Love your creations,

  13. Anonymous11:26 AM

    These are so pretty. My sister made some like this years ago to add to a crocheted blanket for a friend.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dotsie!

  14. Your flowers are so cute! I wish I knew how to make them. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  15. These are so cute, Podso! Perfect for a little girl. They would be cute on any number of things. I I had all boys too and then all grandsons until finally a little princess came along. She's quite a novelty in our family. Happy Valentines Pink Saturday weekend.


  16. Those are adorable. I am enjoying my girlie girl Granddaughter after raising a Son. She is 5 and would prefer playing soccer in Princess shoes.

  17. Your crocheting is so pretty, I saw a tutorial on crocheting a heart yesterday, I almost picked up a hook and tried to make it...almost.
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. Wow, these are gorgeous! They would look beautiful on a card. So glad I saw you at Beverly's Pink Saturday. ~Diane (I am #16)

  19. Love the sweet pictures you shared and the whole tone and feel of your blog. You seem like the type of blogger I like.
    Thanks for sharing.


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