Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep 'em Raised

I've learned if you raise your eyebrows, a lot of the sagging around your eyes goes away. That is, as long as you can keep them up. When a co-worker had her eyelids "done," I started looking at my own. Oh well.

The other day I was at a large department store. I looked around somewhat overwhelmed at where to start seeking that needed garment. Suddenly a young beautiful blonde came around the corner, clothes glued to her skin, and make-up perfect.  She came right up as if she was looking for me. I'm a little confused at what she said as she approached, but for the briefest of delirious moments I thought she was there just to assist me in finding what I needed. (LOL. Wouldn't that be nice?!)

Alas, she was not. But her sweet personality just warmed my heart. Initially, that is. "I would love to give you a five-minute make over. You just need to bring this coupon downstairs." She pressed a coupon into my hands and I think she saw the change come over my countenance. The encounter was very brief as I had no intention of spending my precious time having a make-over/sales pitch. As she walked away she said, "I think we could help you do something to make your sagging eyes look better." Or something to that effect. It reminds me of another time I was at that same mall. A young woman walked up to me, thrusting a hand cream sample at me, "Your hands are terribly dry, try this." I'm laughing and wondering, is this sales approach just geared to women over fifty? At least I'm laughing!


  1. I have earned every droop and sag that I have and flaunt them proudly!!

    You have a good eye (absolutely no pun intended) re the use of balsamic vinegar in the dressing recipe. It was added much later. I know this because I added it.


  2. ugh... what a comment! The only problem with opening my eyes bigger is that I now have wrinkles on my forehead! :)

  3. You you have no idea how much this post could also be written about me. Hate this getting old isn't for sissies!!!
    Have a great day!
    : ) Kris

  4. This gave me a chuckle. I once had a woman approach me with an invitation to a Mary Kay party. I told her that I was wearing that very product at that very moment. She turned beet red and beat it out of there. Still makes me laugh. (I'm having my driver's license photo taken today. Hope that I can prop my eyes open long enough to fool them that I really am awake.)

  5. Do ya think they truly make their sales quota with insults???

    Somehow this approach seems very wrong. 'Just think of what it might do to someone with low self esteem to begin with. Wrong~Wrong~Wrong!!!

    'Nuff said!

    Have yourself a terrifically blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Oh, Dotsie. This reminds me of, when seeing myself talking to Little Man on Skype... you know in that little square in the corner..., I REALIZED that unconsciously everytime I would look in the mirror I must raise my eyebrows!! Because old girl in the corner of Skype, SHE had some seriously saggy eyelids! Downright hooded! LOL! Old Girl in the mirror... saggy, but not near as much! ;)

    One day that young lady will get hers. LOL! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  7. I think I would pass out if a stranger said those things to me! How rude! I think we have earned our wrinkles {laugh lines}! I want to live a good long life and I'm not worried about how I look while I do it. I personally like my battle scars!


  8. Podso,
    Out of the mouths of babes! I usually have a come~back of, "Why bless you dear." Softly stated it can make one think about how their words impact others. God knows, Podso...I'm not aging gracefully. You do bring a smile to this wrinkled little face, dear friend!

  9. Oh dear.
    I've found that a really tight hairband, right at the hairline, lifts all my sags and bags quite well. Of course, I look silly in a hairband, so have to top it with a big furry hat, which is itself quite odd.
    Better that I live with the sags!

  10. Hello my friend,
    Yes, society as a whole thinks it knows what a woman over 50 should look like. Perhaps we simply want to look like ourselves, did they ever think of that?
    I love being just who I am.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Hi Podso, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  12. You're much nicer than I am. Afraid I'd have to beat her! :)

  13. Well, that was not a very good sales approach if you ask me! I wonder if she realizes in 20 short years, she will look the same way?
    You have a great attitude!

  14. Yes, laughing is better than crying...but really, I think they need to do some sales training...

  15. Oh my. I don't like that kind of salespitch. Kind of rude eh? I think these young sales girls forget they will look the same way some day even with all the 'help' of potions and lotions over the years. You just can't fight gravity (without Dr. Nip and Tuck's help). Hugs, Pamela


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