Thursday, January 21, 2010

saying thanks

I think there's a lot of power in saying thanks. A "thank you" shows courtesy, and acknowledges the gift has been received and appreciated. And even in this day of email, texting, and FB, I still think a hand written thank you is the best! It sort of extends the celebratory life of the giving and receiving of the gift! If that makes sense. And requires a bit of effort, which is also a gift returned, in a way.

So I wanted to write a thank you to the salesman and store where we had our refrigerator experience. At least to let the manager know what a good salesman he had. I know customer satisfaction and thank you's are very important where I work.

I was amazed how much work it took to research where and how to send this letter. It obviously was not a normal thing. In fact, when I eventually arrived (by phone) at the corporate office they couldn't believe I was not talking about a complaint. They just seemed shocked I wanted to write something positive. So I'll be writing my letter today, and I hope it will encourage at least our salesman, if not his boss!

Speaking of our frig, dear friend  Lydia Grace came over the other night with a new magnet for my shiny new refrigerator. I thought the message was right on! Thanks, LG!!


  1. It is sad that people usually use the power of the 'pen' for negative things. Your thank you note will be met with pride and a giant smile.

  2. I'm "write" there with you. I love to pen a nice note to someone. I write to my Great Aunt Gladys at least 2 times a month and I know that it just makes her day!


  3. I sure love to get a real letter in the mail and thank you's are the best reason to write. That reminds me that I wanted to thank....I'd better get writing. Sherry


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