Friday, January 22, 2010

lace for the eyes

The Gardener and I have been to Romania, but not at the same time. But both of us were drawn to the hand work the ladies sold in the market. And we both came home with some. Such wonderful detail work. This large one is one of my very favorite things!

This is a "cheaper" one but I find it lovely as well.

And this little sweet thing was just an extra thrown in by the market lady I bought from, to thank me for my purchases. I hang it on the guest bath wall. They all bring wonderful memories of our time in that country.
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  1. The crochets are pretty. That lady has done a fine work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the large one too. It a very different type of lace. I wonder, do I have to go to Romania to get this kind of lace?

  3. Oh, Please stop by if you have the time and see my Give-A-Way. It would look lovely with your lace. I too love lace and it's all over my home.

  4. Your pieces of lace are beautiful. I have a lot of old lace pieces but I decorate more in the primitive style so I don't use it much. I should make some things out of it!!!

  5. Your lacey crocheted pieces are just gorgeous. I have a friend here from Romania. She goes home every summer so I may have to ask her to bring back some of these lovely items. That last little freebie you received is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Tammy

  6. How lovely...I work with a Doctor from Romania...she is awesome.

  7. Thatlace is very beautiful and looks so nice against the wood on your table.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    The patience and care that go into making these just amaze me. They are gorgeous - especially the first one you shared. Lovely!
    I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  9. HI-Aren't these beautiful? I love the intricacy of this hand-made lace. I've never actually seen hand-made lace before, only the machine-made stuff, and what a pleasant surprise. Of course your pictures are great too. Sherry

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for taking photos of them.
    In Young Victoria, she has lace over the mirror frame. Her gorgeous dresses are tucked in places with such beauty.

  11. I'm partial to lace too but I've got it stored away somewhere. You make me want to go find it. Lovely pieces and what a sweet bonus you got!

  12. Dear Dotsie,

    Your lace is lovely - a true treasure.

    And I wanted to take the time to thank YOU for being lovely and a treasure too...

    I thank you for your sweet support and kind comments on my blog - your encouragement is so appreciated. I am truly thankful for you.



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