Monday, January 18, 2010

don't forget the chalk

I found this little tray sort of thing at Michael's.

After priming I painted the back and frame in green.

I'm not that artistic but can cetainly work with tiny paint drops to decorate the edges.

Final: paint with chalk board paint.

Mailed it to my sister in her birthday package. Of course I don't forget to add a couple of pieces of chalk. Lulu photographed it once it arrived at her house, along with her birthday flowers! (see above)

I also tried the chalkboard paint on a stray plate. I'd read it needed a porous surface, but so far it's working.

I think my new love of chalkboard paint has something to do with remembering the old chalkboards in school. Anybody else remember the gizmo my teachers used--a metal thing they could put four or five pieces of chalk in at a time, to draw lines on the board? Music teachers would use this, as well as those trying to teach us good penmanship!

Top photo credit: lmm

See Between Naps on the Porch for more "metamorphoses."


  1. My husband is a new fan of chalk board paint also.

  2. Cute ! Have you seen the colored chalk markers yet ? I am on the look out :o)

  3. Very clever ideas. I've never used chalkboard paint but think I may have to try it.
    Hope you have a good week.

  4. You're so clever (and wondering about the sweet vase of flowers!). I remember that gizmo to hold several pieces of chalk as piano teacher used one of those. And in regular class to draw out the lines for us to follow for upper/lower case letters. Haven't thought about that in years! :)

    The frame looks great. Love the dots as well, but how appropriate considering your name!

  5. Very cute idea and great gift. I wonder if chalkboard paint can even be found in this country. ??? :) Have a great day. Tammy

  6. I am digging all things chalkboarded!

  7. Love your chalk board items. My daughter painted the inside of her cabinet door so that she can keep a list of things to do and the baby can draw all day long while she is cooking.

  8. Your little chalboard turned out fabulous! I bought aquart and have made a few pieces and I still have about 90% left. I have read that it can be used on glass so I tried to use it on an old window for a Christmas gift for my daughter. Evidently Valspar will not work on glass. When I tried putting on the second coat, the first coat kept peeling up. :-( After washing it up and trying twice, I gave up. I will have to use fabric or pictures on the old window. My youngest daughter wants to chalkboard the inside of her bedroom door. We may just do it. I love the stuff!

  9. I just love that little tray chalk board you made. It's so cute with the little dots of paint around the edge. I can't wait till my kitchen is done so I can find a place to make a chalk board for.

  10. Lydia grace6:04 PM

    I used one of those chalkboard line drawers when I taught first grade. You know how I love order, well those straight lines were great.


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