Friday, June 03, 2016

Hold the Phone!

As I was thinking of a title I could hear my father saying, 
"Hold the phone!" 
I don't hear that expression used often anymore,
but it certainly was one of his.
It's means "slow down a minute."

Most of us probably hold our phones a lot more than we used to. 
My phone has become my camera, alarm clock and even flashlight.
But sometimes I like to put it far out of reach. 
I like texted photos.  Here's some from this week.
I took some flag photos on Monday, but it took some time for the breeze to catch it just right. 
It also caught this great view of our neighbors' house, so I texted it to them 
since they were out of town, saying hello on Memorial Day.
The grands and I went to a gym open play time. They were non-stop
for a full hour. I'm sure I was the only one over 40 there, but I did see some
of my young friends with their kids which was nice.
(Needless to say, I came home exhausted!)
Grandson jumped on a blow up surf board and pleaded,
"Take a picture for Daddy, Grandma"
So we did and I sent it off into the air.
There's lots of construction at our church right now and I couldn't help
texting Grandson a picture of this cable going into the ground. 
At nearly 5, he's interested in all such things.
Of course his dad would have to show him the picture. Let's hope he did!
My sister lives where these don't grow so I texted her a picture,
sending her a virtual bouquet.
She was up north for a wedding and texted me a
picture of the house we lived in during our teen and college years.
How we loved that rambling old house. It looks exactly the same.

And that's five texted photos for Five on Friday.



  1. I justify the price of my cell phone by the fact that it is a phone, camera, GPS, flashlight and some other things I have yet to discover!!


  2. Thanks for the memory 'hold the phone'. Your application of its significance today is perfect. Loved this post.

  3. Wonderful photos! Yes, our phones can be such a blessing to stay in touch with others, through texts, photos, etc!

    I love that house you used to live in!

  4. I love your childhood home! Being able to text photos when I'm at a yard sale has saved me many purchases I thought someone would like (and declined when they saw the photo).

  5. What a varied week you've had. I think I'd enjoy living in that house. It looks welcoming.

  6. What a lovely five, always fun to spend quality time with the Grandchildren. Your childhood home was a delight, beautiful.

  7. What a great theme, texted photos, hope your grandson was shown the cable. What a wonderful house to grow up in can see why you would have loved it so. x

  8. I heard that phrase many times growing up, from my Dad! Today it made me smile, remembering Daddy.
    Your hydrangeas are one little bush is just starting to fully open. I went 2 years without a flower on it.
    Love the house you lived in as a young woman.
    Have a great weekend, Dotsie.

  9. Lovely photos. I am just learning to take photos with my phone. I must admit to liking my Nikon more but sometimes the phone camera comes in really handy.

  10. Dotsie, you are far ahead of me in the tech department. I'm one the last not to have a smart phone. I really don't want one, but your use of the phone kinda makes me want one. All of your photos are lovely. Have a nice weekend. ♥

  11. Hold the phone, that's priceless! I can remember hearing that too! Your childhood home is as charming as can be! Best things in life...grandchildren!!
    Happy weekend, Dotsie!


  12. What a great title to this post! I still am using a "dumb" phone so my pics are not blog worthy. You have taken and received some great photos...perfect flag flying in the breeze. Your old home place reminds me of the "Leave it Beaver" house :)

  13. I like your idea of texting people photos, a lovely way to share things and add some cheer to their day and to yours too! How good is that. It was lovely to see your childhood home, and good to know that it is loved and cared for still. Thank you for your support of Five On Friday, I so appreciate it!!! Have a great weekend! xx

  14. Podso,
    Love the "Hold the Phone"!
    Seems nowadays, our younger generation has no "great" one liners!
    Amazing photos!

  15. Your photos look great. You've had a week of reflection and pleasant memories. :-)

  16. I always forget that my phone takes pictures, unless my Husband is using my camera. The picture of the last house is just the sort of place I want to live in.

  17. Great collection of five!! I love how you have "held the phone" this week! Certainly phones can be overused, but they can also be used for good as you have shown here...making connections with those we love. I'll bet all the recipients were happy to receive their "thinking of you" photos.

    (Sadly, my antiquated phone does not take photos...but my next one will!)

  18. We used to say "Hold the phone" too! And yes, today it might be "Put down the phone!!!" to take a break. Haha. Our daughter and I are always sending photos via texting. It pleases me as she lives across the country and she sends pics of the children to me. What would we do without that convenience today? I wish my sister would 'get with the program' (another saying) and get a smart phone. It would save a lot of money in phone bills if we could text every day instead of phoning every few weeks (or months!). I love the flag photo and your hydrangea is beautiful. Your childhood home looks lovely and well kept.

  19. I remember "Hold the Phone", and I say it sometimes and my kids look at me like I have 3 heads!

    Cell phones serve a lot of different purposes for so many of us. I remember people complaining about people walking around stores and such glued to their phones. That's too bad they have to jump to conclusions. I use my phone to check Pinterest for ingredients for a recipe. I also have an app that provides me with coupons. We need to think before we judge.

    I love that you stay in touch with your family via texts and pics. The shot of your former home is so sweet. Now that is a "Home Sweet Home"!


  20. Yes, I remember that phrase but use 'hold your horses' myself. ;-) I think you're as excited as me with the possibilities that social media and technology have opened up. After our 8 year old grandson chose, and presented me with a perennial plant for Mother's Day I told him I'd send a photo when it flowered. Should I email it I asked, and he replied, just text it to me grandma. Alrighty then! lol

  21. What a good Five, Dotsie. I find my phone is the very best tool for keeping in touch with children and grandchildren. Like you, I'll see something and think of one of them and then just snap a picture and text it. It makes the miles and mountains between here and Edmonton seem much less.

  22. I'm stealing that phrase. I've been saying, "Give me a break", and I replaced two windshields within a week.

    Now I'm going to say "Hold the phone" and maybe the telemarketers will go away.

  23. Hi Dotsie,

    I like that expression, "Hold the phone." I feel like someone I know has been saying that lately, but I can't think who it is. Perhaps I've seen it on TV. Love the picture of the American flag, and your grandson is so cute! :-D Your hydrangea is lovely -- this seems to be a very good year for them. I LOVE the family home picture; I find that style of house so homey and charming. The house I grew up in had a bay window like yours, and I would still love to have one in our house.

    Great post, Dotsie. Have a good day!



  24. My dad used to say "hold the phone" as well. I wonder which one of their parents said it! And I don't think I ever saw a picture of your house. It looks very homey -- and I notice the bay window, like your first home. What is it about houses and pictures of houses? I have almost a visceral response to them. They represent so many things to me...our grandfather's skills and talent for building beautiful ones, how our fathers loved to reminisce about him, how a house from the outside is the skin of a life. Whenever I think of the interiors, I think of a lamplit, warm and welcoming space. Maybe a metaphor for how I want my life to be as well as my house! Thanks for the lovely photos.


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