Monday, June 20, 2016

more on bliss

I called ahead to request a quiet table for four
in a popular noisy Thai restaurant. Reluctantly they said
they'd save one when I mentioned "birthday," though
it's not their usual practice.
Three friends and I have a long-held tradition of celebrating our combined
birthdays by eating lunch out twice a year.
Sometimes it seems a long time between, so this time we
decided to start celebrating some "un-birthdays" so that we will meet more frequently.
As often happens, it can end up with two conversations
going on at the same time between the four of us.
I was thinking how nice it might be if we shared specifically about our lives,
 talking all four together. Kiddingly I said,
"Since I reserved a table for us, I'd like to bring up a topic for discussion."
The others were good with the idea.
Since my recent post on bliss, I've had the subject on my mind, so I suggested we
go around the table and share our bliss, or what, at this stage of life, brings joy.
And we added, "What would we would do if we had $25-50 dollars a week to spend
frivolously (though we knew that would never be.)
It was amazing to see what happened. As each of us shared,
of course there were rabbit trails, but they brought up interesting discussions.
And for sure we learned more about each other than we knew before!
Most interesting to me is that each one of us found
bliss in being able to stay puttering at home for a whole day!
 Our pleasant conversation lingers with me as if a sweet aftertaste,
and I think it will be with me for a long time to come.


  1. That's the best! What a special time!

    I love all your hydrangea, Dotsie! So beautiful.

  2. Learning new things about special friends is a joy in itself. Dotsie, your photos are outstanding today. Enjoy your sweet memories with special friends. ♥

  3. What a great idea--more celebrations and topics which afford us insight into our friends. The flowers are beautiful.


  4. I am not surprised that people wanted to stay home and putter. I spend a lot of my time these days just puttering and I love it.

    I like how you manipulated the conversation and got to deeper discussions. I usually have some sort of conversation starter at our dinner parties and it's from those questions that we have found out some really fun facts about our friends.

  5. If I were there, part of the conversation, I too would say, staying home and puttering is BLISS.
    Great conversation starter. What are you bring up next?

  6. The dinner sounds like it was not just good food and friends but exceptional conversation. You brought up a good topic for discussion and it's nice that the evening has left you with a good feeling.
    My husband said to me this morning after we picked strawberries how much he appreciated being retired so we could do it together and when we got home, we sat outside on the deck over a leisurely coffee. My bliss for today.

  7. Reading your post this morning inspired a post of my own. Check it out if you get a chance.

  8. Your hydrangea photos are beautiful, Dotsie. I like this idea for a conversation starter, rabbit trails and all. How nice that you and your good friends get together so often. That is a special relationship. Wishing you a wonderful summer.

  9. Another great question for my Take Joy group. The Hydrangeas are beautifully photographed through the window. Is this your yard? Those chairs are wonderful, too. I bought a miniature one a few years ago just to have it since I figured I'd never be able to get the larger ones.

  10. Directed conversation...what a concept! Interesting questions, too.

  11. Lunch out with your friends is a great idea, and a conversation topic like this one would spark lots of ideas (along with the rabbit trails). Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I am longing for school to end so that I can spend a day or two at home puttering.

  12. A day in my robe puttering about my home is definitely a bliss moment. What a nice tradition to get together every year...I do like the idea of directing the conversation at some point...

  13. I would choose puttering around the house too. It is so relaxing and rewarding at the same time. You are blessed to have friends like that!

  14. What a wonderful tradition to get together with friends for a birthday celeb.
    I know what you mean, as I have two friends we get together for our birthdays too.
    Just a couple of weeks ago we went for breakfast at a hotel with our birthday girl on line.
    Those images of the hydrangeas window is stunning !
    Thanks for visiting sweet friend.

  15. Being at home puttering is definitely my favorite place to be! Lovely post.

  16. What a fabulous idea you had to suggest the topic of conversation...I like that! Gorgeous photos of your lovely the one through the window panes!

  17. First of all, I am swooning over these luscious hydrangea photos!! I ♥ hydrangeas and I love how you have them "framed."

    I am also a fan of directed conversations. It seems you always learn new things about the participants. It also encourages the more reticent talkers to become more involved. (I would also have included a puttering day at home in a discussion on bliss!)

    Always enjoy your posts, Dotsie!!

  18. Sounds like a revealing and precious time among good friends. What a blessing that is.

  19. Sounds like a revealing and precious time among good friends. What a blessing that is.

  20. It sounds like you and your friends had a very nice lunch and good conversation, Dotsie! I think it's great when we can get to know people better; lives are so busy today that most of us can just scrape the surface of an acquaintance, and I think that's a shame. Good for you for stepping forward with your idea!

    Your hydrangeas are just beautiful, and I'm so wishing we had some. Right now, I'm just trying to keep our porch flowers from dying. How are you holding up with this heat and humidity? All I can say is, "Uggg." :)

    I hope you have a good weekend, Dotsie, and try to stay cool!



  21. Beautiful post, Dotsie. I miss growing hydrangeas! Your photos are gorgeous!
    I was in NY last week and enjoyed special times with old friends that I treasure.

  22. Oh my gosh...I thought my Hydrangeas were full and pretty, but yours has me beat. Wow....beautiful. One of my fav's in my garden.


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