Friday, May 17, 2013

the weekend comes

The weekend is upon us. So far we have a sunny day, but rain and clouds are predicted for the next few days. How is it that leaning over to take in the scent of these peonies transports me immediately back to summer visits to my grandmother. Her garden was full of them and I am on her porch reading a book, enveloped with beauty around me.
Babysitting the grandchildren last night: big sister has a motherly touch, I noted. 
The two sisters are in love, and it's so nice to see Baby looking up at 
her sister with smiles and delight.
Brother doesn't usually sit long enough to do much eye gazing, but he 
is a help to his sister in retrieving paci's as they fly out of her mouth.  
Note the proverbial matchbox car fitting perfectly into his little hand.
I make this recipe at least once each Spring, and tonight's guests coming was the perfect 
time to have it. I've made this for at least 35 years and it always brings us to a family story 
of me putting it together one time in Africa with less than the perfect ingredients.
 Of course it was the "best ever."
Do you have recipes that have become traditions? 
Have a good weekend!


  1. What sweetness!!! The fruit tart looks delicious!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. The peonies are gorgeous, the grandkids are adorable and the fruit pie looks delicious! I hope you have a good weekend even with rain. Hugs, Pam

  3. How loverly to have those precious grandchildren near enough to babysit! They are beautiful.

    I will be spending the weekend nursing The Baker who has, probably, sciatica. He can't sit or stand and is a terrible patient!! Sees a doctor once a decade (maybe), hasn't needed any medication until now (pain and muscle relaxants) and doesn't really want to take them. We could both use a little prayer!!


  4. Hi Dotsie,

    I've read that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, and I do believe it. The first year that our David Austin rose bloomed, it transported me back to the neighborhood and the little house I lived in before I was ten years old (over 40 years ago). Isn't that a blessing? Your peonies are lovely -- a quintessential southern shrub, in my opinion. :)

    The grands are just darling, Dotsie. I know you must enjoy them, and they you. Grandparents are the best. Your fruit tart looks yummy! Do you think you might share the recipe sometime?

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. I wish they weren't calling for rain here.



  5. You've got to post the recipe for that pie! It looks so good!

  6. Peonies are a gift from the Lord! So beautiful and wonderful scent!

    Grandchildren area a precious gift too, delightful girlies and a darling boy with the matchbox car in his hand!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!


  7. Cute kids and that pie looks just to good to eat.

  8. What darling photos of the grandkids! Lets hope the relationship between the two little girls stays as sweet (well, at least until they're teens. lol) the fruit looks delicious. Funny, I see 'oleo' as an ingredient. My mom had some cards with said 'oleo' also, yet we lived on a dairy farm. I guess it goes to show how persuasive advertising can be. :-)

  9. I love peonies and I'm thinking I should try to grow them as I read they are deer resistant.

    Your older granddaughter does look very Motherly--that is so sweet!

    Your strawberry pie looks delicious! When berries are in season I love to make pies and tarts with them.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Dotsie!

  10. Oh I loved seeing big sister and baby sister. So darling and may it just be the beginning. Little brother is adorable, too, and has that little boy gleam in his eye. The peonies are gorgeous! Enjoy a lovely weekend...

  11. Your grands are beautiful and adorable, and your recipe sounds really good, my hubby would like that, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Your grandchildren are so precious.

    I hope to one day have that blessing, but for now I settle for a grand dog.

    I LOVE the pic of your sweet little lad holding his Matchbox car, how cute is THAT? It is a classic picture.


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