Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Line Lessons

There's one pharmacy where I declare I will never again drive up to the outdoor pick-up window. Two excessivly long waits is more than I ever want to do again. Since I have a lot to do with my time, I don't like sitting in such a line. But over the years I've learned the secret of not fussing with unexpected waits. I find something to do. Of course doing nothing is one, not so unhealthy option. Just rest. Or read, or write notes in a journal or review my calendar. And, note to self: carry camera all the time.

This time I did happen to have my little camera with me. So I started to play with it, and learned a few things I hadn't yet discovered in my "hit and miss" way of learning how to use it. And I was amused to take a picture of the security mirror and find myself in it (see the beige car patiently waiting in line?)


  1. I sometimes find myself very impatient when I have to wait. My solution is to always have a book - but I could take a lesson from you and learn a little bit about my camera while I sit!

  2. Now that's a great way to use your time while waiting. If I have my camera I look for something to take a picture of. Like the dogs in the photo in my yesterday's post. I was waiting for hubby who went into Future Shop and the dogs entertained me, and, I had my camera. :) An interesting and great photo op for you too.

  3. Hmmm...good idea to carry your camera! And so much better to do something than to get frustrated. I often thumb through a magazine while waiting in (insufferable long) lines at my local Walmart. Or people watch. I think that waiting gracefully is a learned skill, but one that is worth learning.

    Oh, and you got a great photo out of your wait!

  4. LOL! I LOVE the way you amused yourself to keep from getting flustered in line!! Great lesson to us, Dotsie. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Podso,
    How funny!!!
    Even before retirement, I found it is always faster to "park and go inside"!!!
    Love, love, love the photo you captured!!!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, dear friend!!!

  6. I have a hard time waiting for anything, so I've done what you have suggested and learned to take something with me that I can do just in case.
    Have a glorious day!

  7. I'm waving at you! Cameras come in very handy at times like that.

  8. Oh I hate waiting...impossible to get involved in something as one must be on hyper alert. I've not tried the drive-up at the pharmacy before.

  9. This is a fun photo, Dotsie. I always have a magazine or paperback book in my bag and often y camera so I can occupy myself while waiting in a line, but lately I've been thinking I have to par down what I carry as my shoulders are getting sore.

  10. This is one neat photo Dotsie. We don't have drive through pharmacies yet, I guess the only lineups I encounter are the odd time I go to Tim Hortons for coffee. Then, it's people watching for me.

  11. I don't like waiting. Especially when someone is making you wait because they can't show up on time. How funny that you got a picture of yourself. I find that it is easier sometimes just to get out and go inside rather than wait in a line. Hope all is well. Have a great day! Best wishes, Tammy


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