Friday, May 24, 2013

half an oval

Sitting in an outdoor eating area, next to bubbling fountains, my eye was drawn to beauty. 
I stayed involved with our table conversation as I slowly fell in love with my view.

It was as if the iron work became clearer as I studied it and the pattern seemed so lovely to my 
eyes. I think the longer we look, the more beauty we see in an object (usually.) 
I began to realize that this was an arch, yes, but it wasn't half a circle, it was half an oval.
This view has a car in it and I used bluer tones to primp it in my edit program.

A wonderful lunch with friends, made all the better for conversation with a view!


  1. That is a beautiful view indeed. And a beautiful iron arch. I also like the stonework. We are getting heavy rains here today and tomorrow - up to 8 inches! The wells should be good and full for the summer. Blessings, Pam

  2. What nice focal point in the stone fence. I would have been looking through it too during lunch.

  3. It IS a beautiful view... and lunch with friends along with the view, perfection.

    LOVE the photos of the grand-angels!! Oh, they are so sweet. And, I'll be looking forward to hearing of some of the cooking and knitting in your group next year. Your end-of-year luncheon looked wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Dotsie. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Very observant! It looks a bit like a peacock tail to me.

  5. Dear Podso,
    It's sure a nice thinking. You've got great photographic skills too!
    Have a great day today!

  6. The view is beautiful. The wrought iron looks almost like a peacock tail. Lunch in such a pretty place would be a treat.

  7. Oh, I just read the other comments and saw that Vee thought the same thing!

  8. Me too - saw a peacock fan!

  9. Taking the time to soak in the beauty around us...something that we (I need to do more often. Wonderful lunch, conversation with friends, interesting sights...perfect!

  10. The green beyond the half-oval is also very green! A very pretty area, I'd say, and a lovely view.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Podso,
    Gorgeous oval ironworks!!!
    That view beyond is almost pastoral!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  12. Oh my gosh that is GORGEOUS!!

  13. so true...a view and good conversation..that is so pretty


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