Wednesday, May 15, 2013

may days

These photos were published here in May 2010, a birthday lunch on the porch for a dear friend. I think the pink and green theme could make a nice set of photo notecards. The pollen is just about gone now, and I am late cleaning the porch to get it ready to use. That's the one sad thing about a porch here -- the pollen is so heavy you can barely use it until it's gone ... and then it takes a good scrubbing. So I'm off armed with bucket and rubber gloves and a bottle of bleach.
Joining Vee's Monthly Note Card Party


  1. I love pink and green. This looks like it was a lovely celebration. Pretty tablescape and love the napkins!

  2. The pink and green table looks pretty, and I imagine that is a gift in the first notecard.
    The tree pollen is just about finished here, lots to sweep up and then I can stop taking pills for allergies too.

  3. Yes, I love pink and green combinations. Beautiful tablescape for your tea...time for another soon, I hope! This set of notecards would make exceptional invitations, too.

    (Ackkk...the pollen is everywhere and I must go rake and sweep. I'm thinking of wearing a bandanna and hoping for the best. Not to mention that the very deck I just painted last summer needs more paint now.)

  4. Love the pink and green!!!! A favorite color combo of mine!
    xo kris

  5. This is a pretty table and makes lovely note cards! I've always loved pink and green together.

  6. What a pretty table for four! I love the pink & green combination!


  7. You set a pretty table!

  8. These photos look so pretty. I like the soft pinks and greens, and the table setting. The photos would make sweet notecards. I would love a porch with a roof over it or a sunroom but yes, the pollen would be bad right now. Enjoy your clean porch. :) Hugs, Pamela

  9. Your porch is such a pretty place for a gathering. Pink and green is a great combination. Love the cross-stitched napkin, too. Did you make them?
    Have fun (?) scrubbing - or at least, have fun when the scrubbing is over with.

  10. Ooh lunch on your porch is beautiful Dotsi.
    I love your pretty pink plates sitting on top of the green ones.
    The little cards beside the cutlery look lovely too - what's the story behind them?
    I would immediately buy your set of cards if I saw them here - I'm always looking for pretty stationery!
    Shane ♥

  11. What pretty scenes for notecards! And they bring back thoughts of happy times!

  12. Sweet! I'm always partial to a pretty table...

  13. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Pink and reminds me of a linen dress I had EONS ago. I loved that combination of colors and your photos made me smile. Such a beautiful place to have lunch with a dear friend (pollen not included!) and a lovely set of Note Cards!

  14. How lovely...what a beautiful table and I am sure wonderful times had by all around the table. Sorry on the pollen...a porch is for enjoyment.

  15. Dotsie, this is SUCH a pretty table; I love, love it!! My favorite thing is the pink cross-stitched napkins; they're just lovely! Everything about your table says spring, and it looks relaxing and welcoming. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the birthday lunch in such a pretty setting.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  16. Pink and green are so sweet together, I love it!

  17. Oh how I adore a lovely little girlie and pretty tea luncheon. Your table is truly fetching.


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