Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the storm

Sunday found me scooping up water flooding into our porch. The deluge of rain was more than the patio drains could handle so the water overflowed into my newly cleaned porch. I grabbed up towels but that wasn't enough so got a dustpan to scoop the water into buckets. As fast as it came I scooped.

I was transported back to our life in Africa. We were expecting our international boss and 10 others for dinner as they traveled through our town. Everything was ready and then a terrible storm came up about two hours before their arrival. We lived on the second floor but the winds and driving rain pushed water under the doors and flooded the main room of our second floor flat (photo of that storm above.) We grabbed buckets and dustpans and bent over and scooped up bucketful after bucketful. A newly cleaned floor, barely dry, greeted our guests.

This storm story is in no comparison to the storms in Oklahoma this week, but it is a reminder that we have no power over nature. My heart is heavy as I think of the loss and destruction this week. Just how would I cope if I lost everything in less than an hour?


  1. It would be devastating to lose everything and would really put the question to the test of how important material things are.
    With our age of technology, I think it takes longer to recover everything too.
    The people affected by the tornadoes in the US are being prayed for in Canada too - it could happen anywhere.
    (Hope you can finally stop scooping Dotsie)

  2. To lose everything in just a few minutes is almost inconceivable. I found myself making a plan of what we should have ready to grab in case of a disaster. It's really overwhelming to even decide.


  3. A reminder to hold the things of this world lightly... I heard the man who lost all say, "The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away" with a certain edge to his voice. How not fun to be scooping your porch that way and how discouraging to start from scratch on any project.

  4. Oh my word, that is a lot of rain. But as you said, the hearts of America are all on Oklahoma!!
    xo Kris

  5. What a mess, everywhere. And I am so saddened by what occurred in Oklahoma. There is nothing as terrible as the loss of life, and I pray that gives the people sifting through their ruins some sort of consolation.


  6. Living most of my life in the Midwest, I've always feared tornadoes, especially the years we lived in a home without a basement. I always thought tornadoes all looked the same...just like the one in The Wizard of Oz...until only a few years ago when I began learning about them and seeing all the different shapes and sizes. Losing all of one's "things" is pretty traumatic, but I can't bear the thought of losing my child....

  7. Tropical rainstorms are really something. I hope your porch cleanup has been successful. Like you, we have heavy hearts for the people affected by the tornado and storms in OK. It would be devastating to lose all of one's material possessions.

  8. It truly makes one think doesn't it? Blessings.

  9. Gorgeous photo and as always, a wonderful story. I do love what you write.

  10. Storms are terrifying things, thank God where we live we don't get tornadoes, earth quakes, or hurricanes, it feels pretty safe here, really.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. That is a question worth pondering. We know we are to lay up our treasures in eternal places, but do we place too much importance on "stuff" here? Do I? I'm afraid I must answer yes. And it is all going to be gone...either sooner or later.

    Thanks for the food for thought this evening...

  12. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Dear Podso,
    Yes it's very true. Natural disasters really teach us a great lesson. We deeply regret the tornado attack in the state of Oklahoma. Praying for the hurting families.

  13. This was an important reminder post. And WOW what a photo, that was one heck of a storm, you poor thing, your dinner party still went on? Wow. You are more of a gal than I, that's for sure!

    Bless your heart!

  14. Here is North Texas we are feeling the same...what would we feel if we lost everything? I would hope I would look up and Praise Him anyway...not sure that would be my first reaction.
    My son spent a month in Africa and he didn't see storms, but he did see contentment with far less than we have here in America.

    Glad you were okay with this storm


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