Sunday, November 06, 2011


Sitting around our bookclub brunch table, we all concluded that "Janet" 
was Mr. Rochester's "pet name" for his beloved Jane Eyre.
In a beautiful setting on a lovely fall morning, we talked about a book many of us had first 
read in our younger days. Personally, I found reading it again at this stage of my life was so good.. 
I don't remember being so struck back then with the wonderful nuggets of truth and 
human nature tucked everywhere in the rich writing of Charlotte Bronte.
For example, Helen Burns, Jane's school friend who died too young said to Jane, 
"Life to me is too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs."
And, when Mr. Rochester chided a young Jane on advising him, she chimed back with pithy words: 
"I only remind you of your own words, sir: you said error brought remorse, 
and you pronounced remorse the poison of existance."
Our hostess and discussion leader suggested that, "Literature is human experience in written form."
And one can't get much richer literature than digging into the depths of Jane Eyre. 
If nothing else, the shining example of deep and abiding love is something to pause and consider. 
If you haven't read Jane in awhile, I recommend it. We only got through
 half of the book that morning. It's the first book we've read that we've had to call a second 
round of discussion. We're looking now for a date for Part II. We've been having
 our book clubs on Saturdays this year so our friend in Austria (six hours ahead) 
can join us. Can you find her in the photo above?

Lastly, if you take a photo of a shiny carafe, you see yourself in it.

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  1. I read Jane Eyre about 3 years ago for the first time. I really loved it. I know I will probably read it again sometime but I'd love to read Wuthering Heights first to give Emily Bronte her due.

    BTW, my full name is Janet!!


  2. I love JANE EYRE. I've been rereading the classics, and Bronte's wonderful volume is almost up again. If you've not picked it up in a while, you might also enjoy revisiting TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES by Thomas Hardy...another of my favorites. Thank you for inviting us to your book club...what a marvelous way to spend a Saturday morning. Cherry Kay

  3. I need to start reading these classics that everyone else is reading. I don't know if I've ever read them that I can recall. What a lovely idea to include your Austrian friend for the book club. The setting you were in is lovely and I really like the white teapot! Blessings, Pamela

  4. These photos are wonderful...and I do see your friend in Austria (!) and you in the silver pot.

    Btw, who was your hostess this time? Her home is absolutely beautiful and she sets such a warm table.


  5. How lucky you are to have such a book club! Yes, I saw the faraway member on the screen!
    Jane Eyre was one of the first 'grown up' books I read as a girl. It was one of the books that helped me decide that I was a reader - helped form my taste and attitude towards reading. Perhaps it's time to read it again.

  6. This is really odd - i was jut thinking about re-reading Jane Eyre. I'd love for my young niece to read it, but she says she's "not into it." humph!

    Now I'm definitely pulling it out again!

    Thanks for your kind words!


  7. What a pretty blog and what a nice bookclub you have! Loved Jane Eyre. Have read so many versions. Have a blessed day!

  8. Hi Podso
    How nice to include a member from another country in your book club. Reading the classics and discussing afterwards sounds like a very rewarding get together.
    The food looks pretty good too!

  9. Podso,
    I wondered about the lady in the computer screen..
    Words of advice...I took a photo similar to yours, but I was clad in my pink & black Parisian pj's. It didn't make "the cut" into the Land of Blog!

  10. I was so sorry to have missed book club. I loved reading Jane Eyre. Just like you I read it when I was much younger and really enjoyed it so much this time.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  11. How fun that you have a friend from Austria joining in for your book club! That's great. I do see her. Discussing a book over brunch sounds lovely. I haven't read Jane Eyre since high school. It's probably time to re read it for sure.

  12. Really nice post and yes, I believe we can see something so much deeper when we reread a book at our age now. Looks like you have a fun and thoughtful book group...not to mention delicious!

  13. Beautiful post! I love revisiting books.

    Your mosiacs are wonderful. I like the setting for your book club.

  14. This bookclub looks to have all the makings of a grand time! Good friends... attending even by the wonders of the digital age. Good looking food! Good discussion... and a table of wise women. Thank you for sharing this fun morning. Hope you have a wonderful week, Dotsie! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Thank you so much for taking me to your Book Club meeting. I enjoyed the tea (lemon curd!!!) and your discussion. Yes, the older we get the more we learn ... even from books we read long ago when *we knew it all*!!!!!!!!! Nice self-portrait ... :D :D :D

  16. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I've been reading many of the classics. After several years of boredom reading new novels I decided not to waste my time on the new and go back to the classics. I highly recommend Thackeray. You may have already read his work. I find his work to be much like Dickens except it has so much humor. I wish I could join your book club!


  17. What a beautiful post and wonderful quote about literature! This is a classic that I can read again and again! Wish I had been there to join you! Happy Monday! ♥

  18. wow you have a diligent bookclub. Some of my best times are spent with the bookclub gals. Certainly looks like you ladies had a great deal of fun. Also Love her books. Really need to read Jane Eyre again!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  19. Anonymous11:09 AM

    There she is on the computer! :)
    I look forward to reading it again this winter!

  20. Yes I see your friend. How wonderful. I have read Jane Eyre a couple of time and love to get the movies from Netflix. I think I would love your group. Beautiful photos. I attend art classes now instead of the book club it meets the same time.

  21. Quite a lovely day.
    I am so thankful YOU take photos!

  22. What a nice idea to SKYPE with a distant book club member! I loved Jane Eyre when I read it in high school..I really should read it again!

  23. I think I first read Jane Eyre in high school. My book group read it a few months ago with plans to see the new movie. We agreed that we got so much out of reading it later in life and discussing it that we felt seeing the movie wouldn't be appropriate. I have since heard that the movie was a poor interpretation. I'm sure I'd like your book group!!


  24. I have always wanted to join a book club. The table, the friends, the food, and of coarse the book all look amazing. What fun you including a friend by the internet!!!!

  25. What a fun post, I enjoyed your photos so much! I have not read Jane Eyre in so long. I must needs to read it again!
    Hugs, cindy

  26. The last time I read Jane Eyre, I was visiting Yorkshire, England. It was perfect; very atmospheric and gloomy!


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