Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We didn't feel the eastern earthquake yesterday because we were driving in the car. When I looked at fb soon after it was amazing how many had already commented on the experience.

It did make me remember two other earthquakes I've experienced. The first was many years ago when we were a young family living in NJ.  The early morning sun had just brightened the bedroom windows when I felt the bed shake and then heard the windows rattle. I woke the Gardener in a panic. "This feels like an earthquake. But NJ doesn't have earthquakes. What can it be?" I must have fussed some more before he said rather forcefully, "Quiet, let me think." He was trying to figure out what else it could be. Then I reached for the radio and sure enough, it had been a moderate earthquake, the epicenter not far from us.

Then there was the night we arrived in Quito, Ecuador. Just in time for a light supper before hitting the sack. I was climbing into bed when the bed began to shake. It's the oddest confusing feeling. Then I saw the pictures on the walls swaying wildly and heard the windows rattle. We were on the 9th floor of a apartment building and I didn't think that was a good place to be in an earthquake. Immediately into my mind came the thought that we had traveled all the way to Quito to die. Eventually we slept, and the next morning discovered we were the only ones who had slept in the building. The other occupants spent the night in their cars. It was amazing and sad the next day to see the devastation.


  1. So you have now been in 3 earthquakes in your lifetime. I'm so glad you were safe {?} in each one.


  2. I never expected to hear about an earthquake in Virginia! I talked to my friend and my sister. The friend lives in the southern end of the valley and my sister further north--kind of mid-valley I guess. The friend thought she was just dizzy. My sister thought it was her powerful washer in its spin cycle with towels! Thankfully they are o.k. with no damage. I cannot imagine what it was like for those folks on the top level of the Washington Monument!!


  3. The quake was felt in the city about 15 miles from me but only in the taller office buildings. We had a quake here in 1983 I think that we felt too. Thought it was a chimney fire. The one in Equador must have been frightning when you saw the damage after. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Hi Podso
    I think it would be confusing too with things starting to shake and trying to figure out the cause.
    We sometimes get tornados in our part of Ontario and as a matter of fact, have a warning today. We had one come through where we lived back in the 70's and it caused a lot of damage although we were spared any.
    Scary times these days with all of the natural disasters occurring.
    Happy to hear you are safe.

  5. I'm so glad that all my blogging friends from the east are safe after being shaken around yesterday. We are certainly living in confusing times, with earthquakes and floods. Stay safe!

  6. I was in the car too. My Mum felt it, but didn't say anything to my Dad because she thought that there was something wrong with her like vertigo or something.

    Let's hope that we don't feel the effects of Irene either!


  7. I am so thankful that all my 'people' were safe this week. And, you live a blessed life. ;)


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