Thursday, August 04, 2011

hello from the beach

One hundred years ago my great-grandfather apparently took one of his boys (my grandpa) down the shore (what they say up north). I guess they had their photo taken and made into a postcard -- seems a bit extravagant to me but maybe it was the thing to do. No pictures of the sun or shore (just a fake backdrop you see), and it seems the greeting back to family members was mainly a blessing or words of a hymn.
Fast track to today's world. Eldest is spending a week "at the beach" (as they say down here in the south). His "postcard" came by way of a picture text--no words. How the world has changed!
But I know exactly what he is saying to me:  "Mom all is well; having a great time; not all my day is spent on the beach--see here I am at a lighthouse (I see the corner of his car). I thought of you because I know you love lighthouses--and I remember being here with you and Pop years ago."


  1. I have some of those old family postcards. Most of them have not been sent. I'm thinking perhaps photographers offered them in "packages".


  2. Hi Podso, what a wonderful old postcard you have! Technology has sure changed the way we communicate but just think, you received that photo instantly whereas the postcard probably took days to arrive by mail. Great post! I hope you have a wonderful day at the shore soon (I'm from up north) ;-) Pamela

  3. It's a good thing that we mums can translate, extrapolate and otherwise read the minds of our children. So sweet of your son to think of you at that moment.

  4. aw, so sweet, and love it that you were able to "read" all that his postcard actually stated!

  5. Hey pal, hope you're having a great time by the shore too! Lovely post and the photo is a treasure, so nice of your son. Technology has change our lives for an instant communication, but the post card sending was not a thing of the looong past either! We have pics like that too and what really cracks me up is that they're in "suits and ties, by the shore"!
    Love, FABBY

  6. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I love these connections in time. So wonderful that you have both postcards to enjoy!!!
    Wishing you a lovely one, Dotsie!

  7. No matter the era, the fact of communication with family remains the same, though the methods differ! I'm sure that photo postcard was the hi-tech wonder of the time. Wow I love that lighthouse! I've never seen one quite like it.

  8. That's a really nice picture of that lighthouse!

  9. Yes, what a contrast in post cards of the times. I like the look of integrity in your great granddad's face. It is a face that speaks, while his son looks like a youth yet to experience much of life. They are good looking men and what's not to love & enjoy about the words of that wonderful hymn on the back of the card. It blessed me to read it.

  10. Aw...that is so nice! I love both the olden greeting and the new one, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Hi Dotsie...

    Ohh my...times have changed...haven't they! I have many of those old photo postcards from distant family members...I guess they were the "fad" in that day and time. That really is an awesome photo of your great-grandfather and your grandfather! Your grandpa was a handsome young lad!

    That really is a beautiful photo of the lighthouse! I stand amazed that cell phone cameras take such good pictures! How very sweet of your think of you and send the lighthouse photo! Yes, all the modern day technology really does make it so much easier to stay in touch! My three daughters who are all living in Texas stay in touch with me on Facebook...on a daily basis! I hate that I live so far from them but the daily "hello's and how are you's" sure help!

    Well dear friend, just wanted to stop by to say hello! It's been a busy, busy summer for me and I have fallen so far behind on my blog correspondence. I hope that my note is finding you and your dear family all doing well! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my mountain photos...I sooo enjoyed hearing from you, sweet friend!

    Warmest summery wishes,

  12. We have come a long way baby! And yep we were at the shore last week!

    That lighthouse is awesome the colors are great!


  13. I just adore the old photograph. How funny that it was just a fake backdrop. I love the no smiles too. I guess it was all about getting the lighting then - no movement.Great post.

  14. such a great post!!!
    really love it,

    greetings from Spain,

  15. I love old photos and together with the story interesting post.

  16. I love the "words" to your eldest's "card." =)


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