Saturday, October 10, 2009

I won, but more, be aware

"I never win anything." I hear lots of people say that, and it certainly is true for me––or was. Today some nurses came to where I work with pink bags and lots of information about breast cancer (October is the pink month.) It's interesting that there is new technology (only one place in town offers it now) that is so much more accurate at picking up tumors. We were reminded about all the risks and good things to do to prevent breast cancer. There were candy kisses of varying chocolate choices, and mini donuts to entice us to listen to their five minute inservice. The fatty sweets were a humorous mixed signal. And we wrote our names on scraps of paper for a drawing.

Not long after the nurses were back with a pink package for ME. I actually won something. I think it was that fact more than what the package contained that added a small inner smile to the day. My name actually came forth out of a drawing bag. What did I find when I tore the pink tissue away? A tiny pink ribbon pin, and a pair of sox with pink writing that said, "Awareness." That's what this month is all about. Be aware, check yourself, and be knowledgeable about this killer disease.

Reposted with a new photo from three years ago this week. For more Sunday favorites (blog reposts) see Happy to Design!


  1. Congratulations on winning! Great post for awareness!!!

  2. What a good reminder (and by the way - congratulations on your win!). :o)
    A dear friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor and truly a hero in my book. I had an up close and personal experience with her and am increasingly amazed to recall God's love and faithfulness through her journey.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  3. I can see why you thought this was worth repeating, it's important. I recently had a bit of a scare with a mammogram that was a bit suspicious, but thank goodness all was well upon a second test.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great repost. I'm so glad that there is so much more breast cancer awareness now.

  5. Congratulations on winning! It's fun to be win occasionally. :-) Love your nickname. ~ Sarah

  6. Hello Ms.P...

    Yeeehawww!!! You won!!! So happy for you, Darlin'...and what a sweet gift! I also appreciate the reminder...this is so very important...thank you for sharing this with all of us for Sunday Favorites, my friend!!!

    Have a super Sunday!

  7. This is the perfect re-post!
    Makes me feel a little selfish!

  8. That's great that you won a prize.


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