Wednesday, February 12, 2014

snow day(s)

" . . .  And tree and house, and hill and lake,
Are frosted like a wedding cake." 
R. L. Stevenson
Usually here in the south we have a "snow day" once or twice a year.
This week we have had "snow days" and it's not over yet.
It's been a heavy, wet snow and has stuck beautifully to the foliage.
I find it hard to concentrate on other things because there
is so much beauty to behold outside. Each window is like
a framed landscape painting. I had to dig out my vintage boots and go
out to walk around and shovel a bit. Just to be out. We usually don't
shovel much down here in the south. We just wait for it to melt.
 I miss having my little kids here to play with in the snow and the snow
brings memories of those days. They both live in town
 but driving is hazardous, so we stay put. 
But we had some fun group texting our storm updates, 
sending pictures of rulers in snow banks, etc.
All the while, safe and warm at home.


  1. Such gorgeous images.I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Your corner wears white sure looks pretty. I was outside sledding with the boys today and we are quite excited for more snow tomorrow. Good idea for everyone to stay cozy and safe at home. Did you do any baking?

  3. Ah, "Winter Time". I love R.L.S.. We are measuring our snow with yardsticks. It has been hard to keep up with the snow blowing and shoveling. It is especially bad around the schools with children having to either walk in the streets or climb over snow "hills" ten to twelve feet high. Keep warm and safe.


  4. It is beautiful!

    How fun that you all are sharing your snow updates via texting! Good idea to stay put! It's headed our way tonight - should arrive around 11:00 pm and we are in the band for the biggest snowfall!

    We will do school work tomorrow, read, make Valentines, and do some baking if we don't lose power!


  5. Beautiful. My kids have missed over four days this year for ice! We have never done so unusual. The snow would have been pretty. We did get one snow day but they went to school in it!
    These pictures are beautiful

  6. Glad that everyone is safe and warm. Love seeing the vintage high chair in the background:)

    Loved the quote!


  7. Podso,
    I agree that every window is a framed photo of the loveliness of Winter! The tulips are stunning...especially against the white!!!
    Be safe, be warm, dear one!!!

  8. I like how you said...a different landscape outside every winter! Very pretty pictures. I'm glad this brings you joy. Hubby, who thinks of my blog as a journal of our lives for our kids and grand kids, wants me to go out and photograph the snow. This is a record for Chicago.

    Stay safe.


  9. Oh your watercolor technique on your pictures. Want. to. know. how. :)

    And about the snow. You can have it, but enjoy looking at yours. We're to be in the low sixties this weekend. Bring it on!

  10. Isn't the snow so beautiful...a winter wonderland to be sure. I didn't realize you were in the south too....I am in central NC and we have about 4-5 inches with possibly 4 more coming tonight. I love being out in it and like you, I miss having young kiddos to play with in it!

  11. Loved this post!! :)

  12. It really is beautiful! How fun! Love the way you opened your post today. So nice!
    xo Kris

  13. It seems like an extraordinary amount of snow for your neck of the woods. enjoy.

  14. Such gorgeous photos! My window views are like this almost all winter, Dotsie! Because my house faces north I will probably snow on my front lawn till I do love it though. Stay safe and warm until your normal weather returns

  15. Everything looks so cozy down your way! It's been snowing up here since about 8:00 last night. I had to shovel before Gabriel could get outside this morning. I love that first photo! Is it a painting? Or just a special effect on a photo? Lovely! And if you've seen my kitchen photos you know I love your place mats.

  16. Ours was all ice and was dangerous to venture far from home.
    the ice is still with us but the toads are passable. If only it would warm up! Stay warm and take more beautiful pictures to share! Cathy

  17. The first image of a watercolour, oh my goodness that is so beautiful! Happy Valentines Day~

  18. This was just lovely to look at. Your photos are so beautiful and your home looks warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing this today!

  19. Much prettier looking out on snowscapes than rain-scapes!

  20. I like the painting aspect of the first photo and enjoyed seeing the snow you've received.
    It's not hard to understand how we in the north can have three feet of snow and a blizzard tearing outside and still look out the window to see beauty.
    Stay warm while enjoying the snow this year.

  21. Beautiful snow. We see it so rarely that I love just watching it fall and fall. Your home is cozy with the Valentine touches. Love the painterly effect of your tulip photo.

  22. It looks pretty but like you I would stay put nice and cosy inside.

  23. It's picture postcard pretty, but best to stay close to home until it's all melted! You have certainly had a crazy winter in your part of the world!

  24. It's picture postcard pretty, but best to stay close to home until it's all melted! You have certainly had a crazy winter in your part of the world!

  25. Safe and warm... and ENJOYING the beautiful distraction is a perfect place to be. ;) I love your lights above the window!!! Lights always add a sense of good times to me. Oh, I am crazy about that watercolor gadget! It's much better than my own painting skills!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  26. It may be cold and wet, but your photographs capture the beauty of the snow perfectly.

  27. Your snow pictures are lovely. Have you made "Snowstorm Soup"? Keep warm and drive safely!

  28. Your tulips look a lot like mine, Dotsie -- did you get yours at the Lowes grocery store? :) That's where mine came from. I love the watercolor effect you've added to your picture!

    Your snow pictures are lovely. We don't see many snows this big here in N.C., do we? I'm glad the sun is shining now, and we've had the most beautiful moon the last two evenings. Stay warm!



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