Sunday, February 09, 2014

hearts strung

I thought I'd string buttons on some cute yarn; harder than I thought 
(but aren't most things that way?)  Then I lost my mini clothespins. 
They are soooo cute and would do such a perfect job of hanging these 
hand made valentines sent to me over recent years. Where could they be.
And oh yes, that little snow flake snuck in. 
There is another prediction of those coming our way this week.
Just when we assume it will be nothing, a big one surprises us. 
Probably not, but stay tuned …


  1. What a precious way to display your special valentines.

  2. Love the garland, what a great idea! Such pretty little valentines!

    I hope you find your little clothespins although the ones you used give it such a homey touch.

    Happy February!

  3. That's such a great idea!
    We're experiencing snow flurries here - way too late for this part of the country.

  4. What a lovely idea! It's been snowing here for a couple hours. I forget I live in Maryland where we hardly ever see snow except for once a season.

  5. Podso,
    I am laughing today at your comment about stringing the buttons being harder than you had anticipated...because this Autumn, I thought I would string buttons on wire to make a garland. Haven't seen any photos of that on my blog have you, dear friend??? That's because after the fifth button, I said, "NO way...NOT going to happen in my lifetime!" (Okay to laugh here.)
    Your hearts strung on the yarn with the buttons is adorable!!! Kuddos to you for sticking with this project until completion.
    Now about those clothespins..I'll be you find them when you're putting this garland away!!!( That's what happens to me, anyway!)

  6. Looks so cute and festive! I keep my mini clothespins in a tea cup. Maybe you do, too.

  7. That is a cute way to display valentines!

  8. I love your Valentine garland! So sweet!
    xo Kris

  9. Ahhh handmade Valentine's are the best! Love that you're adding them to banner to display them.

    Hope that you don't get a big one. We're getting a few inches right now.


  10. I love your Valentine garland. Such a sweet reminder of love. I hope you don't get any snow that will cause problems. Just a pretty dusting. :)

  11. This looks so sweet! I've also save so many cards I've received over the years and this would be a nice way to display them, Dotsie.

  12. This looks so sweet! I've also save so many cards I've received over the years and this would be a nice way to display them, Dotsie.

  13. So cute! I love your header too!

    It must be Murphy's Law or something that just when you need something, even if you have recently seen it, it goes missing. At least here at my house!

    Your garland is still very cute!


  14. What a sweet way to display your valentines. Love the little buttons you added as well!

  15. I love the pretty heart garland. cute idea for Valentines! Have a happy week and Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. Now if those Valentines don't make a heart warm with love, I don't know what would! That is such a perfect way to enjoy them AND have a wonderful Valentine spirit about the house! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  17. Very pretty, and an inspiring way to show off Valentine cards. I love those tiny clothespins and use them in my office to attach papers together, hope you find yours Dotsie.

  18. Simply darling! And the clothespins are just too sweet. Have a delightful week. Hugs!

  19. This is so cute! Very creative Podso!

  20. very festive and love seeing your granddaughter in one of them!

  21. Aww, what a precious Valentine garland! I'm happy I found your wonderful blog!

  22. GREAT idea and it looks awesome.

    And yes, snowflakes are part of February for sure...esp THIS winter!

  23. Awww...troubles notwithstanding, this is adorable! And Valentine's Day means we're that much closer to spring!

  24. Such a cute way to display your Valentines. Isn't it frustrating to not be able to find something you KNOW you have? Last Christmas I could not find the ornaments to my Advent calender. They still haven't turned up.

  25. Hi Dotsie,

    I know you've posted on your fireplace surround before, but seeing it from this angle, I realize again how VERY PRETTY it is. I would love to do that for our fireplace!

    Your Valentine's garland is darling! How nice that you've received that many homemade Valentine cards over the years. There aren't many things more special than a handmade card. :) I love the buttons, too, and the yarn you chose. This gives me a cute idea for next year, Dotsie.

    Have a great day!!




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