Tuesday, March 06, 2012

faded roses

We grew up seeing a colored version of this picture of our mother. It was on Dad's bureau and was taken while she was in college. Maybe it was an engagement photo ... don't we wish we had cared enough to ask questions like that when we could have heard the answers? She does remember it being taken, but isn't sure why.

I love the fading roses in her hands--so "current day." And check out the way her pearls are twisted into a sweet knot.  My mother always dressed so fashionably, unlike me, her middle daughter. My younger sister takes after her.

I now have my father's copy of this picture upstairs in our "blue room" and just found the original (above). I think I would have enjoyed the task of putting color on brown-toned photos. Like coloring.

Here is the same dress on me (on left) in a little dress-up game we sisters and cousins were playing. I guess we were having a wedding (that's Mom's wedding gown also). We did enjoy her gowns! I purposely did not crop out the '57 chevy in the driveway. Color it aqua and white!


  1. Dotsie,

    How lovely. I think we had the same car! There are just so many questions I would to have the answers to - I heard the stories but never wrote anything down!


  2. Dotsie, you look so much like your Mom! That is such a beautiful photograph of her and a treasure for you to have. Yes, there are many questions it would have been good to have asked.

    LOVE the photo of y'all playing all dressed up. You did have some very special dress-up clothes!

    Enjoyed seeing these. Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I, too, wish I had asked more questions about family photos. I know most of the people but would love to know the stories associated with the photos--especially the candids. I have a number of photos that are duplicates with one being "tinted" as my mother called the process. Your mother is lovely.

    That car is a duplicate (color and all) of my best friend's family car. In my mind, they always had it and it was always clean. Both are probably pretty much true.

    Thanks for the nostalgia with my morning coffee.


  4. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh how priceless are these photos. Your Momma looks so beautiful in her photo. That gown is gorgeous, and I too love the way those pearls are worn about her neck. So, so pretty.

    You and the cousins look darling. What a fun day you all had. I can see it in your faces. Dress up was fun back then wasn't it? I sometimes wonder what happened to things like that? Not much dress up for the young girls today. Care free and happy days.

    Thank you for sharing dear friend. I was born in 57 and my Daddy had a 57 Chevy at one time as well. He always said the best things were made in 57.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. You sure look like your Mom Dotsie. An elegant photo, and it's nice you now have it.
    Perhaps this post is a suggestion to all of us grannies to start writing things down for our future generations.

  6. Wow! I thought that was you in the picture. You favor your mom a lot. I love the fireplace moldings and the settee! The last photo is cute! What girl doesn't like to play dress up?

  7. Oh, these are such precious photos! I love the brown toned one of your mother in her beautiful gown. My mother wore a similar gown for her high school graduation. Maybe that was the occasion for your mother. I love the one of you young girls all dressed up. What memories! You look like your mother Dotsie!

  8. What fantastic pictures!!!! Treasures!!

  9. The photo of you and your cousins and sisters reminds me so much of a time when I was a little girl. We too had our mother's gowns - wedding gown, satin Peignoir set, a tea gown - and we put on endless shows. When I married, it was the ultimate dress-up game as I wore my mother's wedding gown.
    Your mother is a beauty - all the youth and hope in that photo. You are so lucky to have it.

  10. What a beautiful post...and beautiful young ladies all dressed up.
    Chev's have always been one my favorite cars...my sister has a fully restored black with silver fins '57 Chev Nomad wagon!

  11. Family photos are such treasures. Love the playing dress-up one. How generous of your mom to let you use her nicest gowns.

    The first car I remember was a 1956 Pontiac, also turquoise and white - it was really the in colour back then.

  12. Those pictures are gems. The one of your mom is lovely.

  13. When I first visited I thought I was looking at you! You looks just like your beautiful mom. The dresses are lovely and what fun dressing up :)

  14. Lovely to have such beautiful photos of your Mom.Also,nice to have the dress-up photo of you.
    I agree,you do look like your Mom.


  15. This is a beautiful post! What treasured pictures. Don't you wish we would have asked a million more questions?

  16. My Mom used to hand color photos..Dad was a professional amateur that took weddings mostly. I think it so very special that you have these photos and memories. You must have been a special family with lots of happy times.

  17. Your mother was so beautiful in that photo! And I love the dress up photo. I can remember doing that in my mom's clothes too. :)

  18. Hi Dotsie,
    You have such wonderful photos of your family. I love the one of your mom in the lovely dress, but the one of you girls all dressed up is just adorable! Looks like you were having such fun.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. How sweet your mother looked at that age! I also think it was so wise of her to let you girls play with her dresses. Why do so many pack them away and then they are never seen again? Better to let our daughters try them on and dream they are brides. I did the same with my wedding dress and have photos of my daughter wearing it many times that make me happy :)

    My older brother and I said the same thing, Dotsie--why do we all wait so long to ask questions about family history? It seems one has to be past middle age before we care, and often it is too late. I feel grateful I lived so close to my Mom and heard many stories about her childhood and youth over the years.

  20. Beautiful photo of your mother!

    I love the dress up photo, brought back happy memories of playing dress up.

    And the aqua 57 Chevy...wow! My favorite.

  21. Hi Dotsie...

    I just read your sweet note and wanted to come by to say hello! How are you doing, dear friend? I hope that my note finds you and your family doing well.

    What a beautiful photo of your mother. Oooh...her dress is gorgeous and the setting is beautiful as well! Loved the photo of you girls playing dress up! Sure took me back to when my sister and me would play dress up at my Grandma's. She would go to the Goodwill and buy formals for us to play in...such sweet memories!

    So happy that you came by for a visit, sweet friend! Sure have missed visiting with you. It seems like things are beginning to settle down a bit for me now. Hopefully I can get back into my blogging groove!

    Have a wonderfully sweet day, my friend!


  22. Playing dress up was one of my favorite things to do as a child. My grandmother used to let us get into all her clothing, shoes and jewelry! She was a petite little woman...none of her things would even come close to fitting me these days...obviously I inherited someone else's tall genes!

    You seem to be going down memory lane recently with the family photos. Always a poignant adventure.

  23. Oh my, we had the same car, too! I love the pictures-The dress and your mother so pretty. How precious is the dress-up picture too! I didn't have sisters and was older than all my girl cousins, so didn't share in this way. I was always their babysitter, looked up to as a teen and remained single and "too independent" as they all married and had children. I used to feel left behind, but developed a love for the life I lead. Now I look back with love on all the old pictures and memories. Cherish them!

  24. I do enjoy these flashback posts of yours, lovely.

  25. Wow. Amazing mother who allowed you to play dress-up with her lovely gowns and even her wedding gown. What a sweet story. She looks so lovely in the photo and it probably made her very happy to see you girls having fun dressing up. You both wore the dress well.


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