Friday, March 03, 2017

Five Bits About a Week

1. We gathered as old friends for tea this week to celebrate a new grandmother.
We gave her a few things to have on hand to help in her new role.
(not a grandma shower, but   a l m o s t …)
2. During a puzzle-making session, grandson wondered what it would
be like to make a puzzle with no picture on it. So we flipped it.
It was harder to do, and we're sure our brains got more exercise.
3. Four young men to join the Gardener and I for lunch? Certainly they
would not care about a pretty table, but my dishes are what they are.
I tried to make it very casual, and went outside 
to gather some azaleas for the center of the table.
 One of the guys declared the soup the best he'd ever eaten.
(As an aside, I purchased sweet potatoes for the recipe 
and when I went to peel them was shocked
that they were white sweet potatoes. New to me!)
4. Last weekend was so beautiful the Gardner and I decided to take a ride after
working outside all morning. We drove back roads to a little town
filled with antique shops. But all we did was enjoy lunch at a "store front" 
restaurant and then headed home for a nap.
5. Several funerals in our church community all on one weekend.
One was a dear elderly lady who loved Christmas. Her
daughter took all her mom's pins/broaches and designed them
 into a Christmas tree shape. What a sweet memory.
Bonus: Azaleas are in full bloom here, about a month early.
What a surprise to see camo holly berries in the midst of the azaleas.


  1. I haven't seen the white sweet potatoes yet! Did it taste the same? Obviously good! I'll have to try the upside down puzzle trick with the boys. Roo particularly loves a mental challenge! ;) Your table is so beautiful, Dotsie... would love to have been there, too. The azaleas around here are blooming, too. Ours are just right on the VERGE, except ONE which is shouting spring already. Love the kind of day you and The Gardener had: yard work, a nice lunch and a nap. Perfect Saturday. Hope you have another good weekend! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I had white sweet potatoes the first time I ever bought them - so I was surprised that the next ones were orange!

  3. It is always so pretty here, Dotsie. Your guests at the lunch table surely enjoyed the aesthetics as well as the food. Reminds me of what dear Edith would have shared in one of her books on hospitality. What a fabulous idea for the costume jewelry that one inherits...I may have to give it some serious thought.

  4. I don't think I would have the heart to work a puzzle without the picture! It would give me anxiety! lol Love the brooches, makes me wonder if I should get my little collection out and do something with them now. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  5. Sounds like a great week! What a wonderful table setting. I admit we don't set the table as much as we used to. What fun to turn the puzzle over.

    Happy Five on Friday

  6. Azaleas already! What a joy. 😊

  7. I've never seen white sweet potatoes, how unusual. Your table setting is lovely and how wonderful to have Azaleas flowering. What a wonderful thing to do with all the brooches, I have quite a few that belonged to my mother, perhaps I should do something like that with them:)

  8. A grandma shower? What a wonderful idea! Your table looks lovely - I love a well-laid table but nobody else in my house is really bothered. Glorious azaleas and I. too, love those brooches. Happy weekend. x

  9. what a beautiful photo of your table all laid! You put most of the restaurants around here to shame

  10. Dotsie, I always love your table settings! Are you just teasing us about the sweet potato soup, or do you plan to post the recipe? I waited so long to become a grandmother I had plenty of time to collect things in advance for them in addition to the things I saved from my own children, so a grandmother "shower" would have been wasted on me--but I sure would have liked to show off my grandchildren to all my friends! Your little puzzle-maker is already smart enough to have thought up that idea. The broach "tree" was a wonderful idea. I saw somewhere else where they laid their grandmother's quilts over the back of the pews--the small church was filled with quilts! We had a dusting of snow on hard surfaces this morning after a week of bushes turning green and some of the daffodils blooming up my way. I hope our flowering trees and bushes will wait a bit until winter makes up its mind to quit returning for one last hurrah!

  11. Your azaleas are beautiful. We have not had any luck with them where we are located.

  12. Well, I think a "grandmother" shower is a great idea...whether it really was one or not. Yes, I am familiar with white sweet potatoes...I prefer the orange ones but they taste similar...just think the orange is a bit prettier. Your table setting is so pretty and I'm sure those guys really did enjoy it (whether they admitted it or not!) I set out to make one of those Christmas trees from vintage jewelry and I didn't seem to have enough. You may remember my MIL's vintage jewelry that I have blogged about. I saw that idea on Pinterest and thought it was so beautiful. I haven't seen many azaleas here yet but after last night, they may a thing of the past :(

  13. I have missed visiting you here! Shame on me! What a grand idea to have a "Grandmother Shower!" Have a wonderful weekend! Cathy

  14. I've never heard of white sweet potatoes, how interesting. Love the Christmas tree made with the brooches, what a wonderful idea.

  15. When we lived in Santo Domingo, white sweet potatoes were used in a traditional stew with other root vegetables. Even though they were a surprise, I'm sure your soup was delicious.

  16. Dotsie, I love your table setting. Blue & white works for a masculine table. Most guys just care that the food is good! Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  17. Love your five!

    Beautiful dishes, sweet remembrance, fun lunch out....

  18. What a pretty post, Dotsie. The young men may not have been able to pinpoint the tablesetting effort, but I'm sure they appreciated the hospitality.

  19. A grandmother shower! Now I love that! Any excuse for a party...ha!

    I choked up seeing the Christmas tree made of brooches. Such a lovely sentiment and tribute. People knowing and remember something simple, or seemingly simple once you are gone, Its beyond touching. One must have been truly blessed to have people like these in their life.

    Jane x

  20. Your azaleas are gorgeous and the Christmas tree of brooches was a unique idea.
    Haha, a grandmother shower sounds quite appropriate.

  21. You always set such a beautiful table, Dotsie! And what a fun grandson who wanted the puzzle all one color! Kinda glad I wasn't there to have to work on it. LOL

  22. What a week! Love the impromptu road trip, lovely lunch, and nice nap following... and the gorgeous tree with the jewelry, what an amazing way to honor her mother's hobby! And that table setting - lovely! The ambience created does so much to set the mood and tone for a lovely meal! And those azaleas, wow! After getting 3" of snow last night... I think spring wants to stay with you, and never make it all the way up here, lol!

  23. been waiting to be a Grand... for a long time...and thanks for celebrating our new birth!

  24. Lovely moments from your week! The picture of the tree made with brooches is a beautiful way to remember someone isn't it.

  25. LOVE the blue and white china! And I want to know the soup recipe. Good for those four boys! ;) Also love the idea of the Christmas Tree made with those beautiful pins. So sweet. Azaleas and wisteria blooming here, too. Happy almost spring!!


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