Friday, March 10, 2017

my favorite time of the week

 The phlox have started blooming. Each year they cover more area.
So lovely.
I'm growing a stack of these Sh*tterfly books. 
The Gardener keeps finding me coupons for a free 8 x 8 book.
It's not hard for me to fill one, I love taking pictures so much.
So I haven't paid for one of them (except postage.)
Azaleas are in full bloom but the dogwoods, who usually come at the same
time, are a bit slower. No one denies it's been a mixed up spring.
And if what is predicted actually happens this weekend, this pretty scene
out our front door window will be covered in white. Yes, white.
And my favorite time of the week?
The morning I volunteer in oldest ("Not so Little One's") 
2nd grade class. I must admit to my brain being taxed sometimes 
when I  help them with math problems, or try to remember
grammar rules, but it's good, so very good to be back in 2nd grade.
I love knowing her friends and talking school with her.
It has been a gift to me this year.


  1. A shame to know your blossoms are going to be covered in snow soon. We've been having blowing snow and white outs all day, plus it's really cold. Hope yours doesn't last.
    That would be fun to help out at school, likely an eye opener to how things are currently done too.

  2. How lovely the dogwoods are. I can't believe that snow is about to fall on them!

  3. We've all had enough snow for this year, let's hope it doesn't come and spoil the blossom.

  4. Lovely flowers. I'm still waiting for something to grow...anything. Perhaps soon. I've just ordered my first prints from Shutterfly. I'll have to look out for the free book coupons.

    Happy Five on Friday

  5. Snow in your corner? Ackkk... The plow is going by my house right now, but that's to be expected. Hope it doesn't come for the tender flowers' sake and the discouragement of it all. The classroom sounds like fun!

  6. A mixed up spring for sure!! There is talk of snow here in Maryland, but it's iffy.

    What a treat for you to be able to take part at your granddaughter's school . . . and a treat for her too! Second grade is delightful!

  7. Oh my go's, snow, the azaleas won't like that

  8. Isn't everything just beautiful in our area right now, Dotsie? I wouldn't have minded more winter weather back in January and February, but now that we've had a big taste of spring, I hate this current forecast. It's quite cold out tonight.

    These are really good pictures you've shared. I just adore creeping phlox. Do you know when I was growing up, my mom always called it Thrift? I think she still does, actually. Anyway, they're such pretty, dainty flowers, great for banks and rock gardens. I'm glad you're volunteering in your granddaughter's classroom. I bet it thrills her, and what a wonderful time for you.

    I hope you have a great weekend!



  9. Lovely favorites!

    Our weather has been so odd as well! Beautiful flowers and I hope they don't die in the cold temps! I'm worrying about my lilacs! My tree is full of flower buds this year (finally) and I'm worried they'll die in this cold weather we are having!

  10. It's wonderful to see spring somewhere in the world! Ours is dreadfully tardy. But oh, I hope your blossoms survive the impending snowfall.
    Time spent with grandchildren is so special.

  11. Everything is looking so lovely. Too bad more of the white stuff is expected. I enjoy volunteering at the hospital. Just playing games with the kids taxes my brain -- even in a state of sickness, they are much quicker than me. :) Have a good weekend.

  12. I love how so many of my blogger friends have flowers blooming this time of year. Its very dreary here so your flowers perk me u.

    I think it does your soul good to volunteer in any way you can. I was a huge volunteer when my kids were in elementary school. I was SO shy and unsure as a young mother, it was a stretch for me to say the least. Doing it now could be a bit more rewarding!

    Jane x

  13. It looks like you will be getting more snow than we will be...they say we may just get a dusting. I love the idea of filling Shutterfly books! I have never seen a coupon but it sure is a great idea! It's wonderful that you are back in the second grade...I'd love to go back...back to what it was like when I was REALLY in the second grade, LOL! Stay warm and hopefully the snow will be very short lived...even better, NON-EXISTANT!! :)

  14. Here's hoping that the snow won't hurt those beautiful flowers but sadly they will suffer. That just isn't fair. Teasing us with spring and then sending snow. POOH

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  16. The azaleas are gorgeous... all the pictures so beautiful.. my son is in grade 3.. sometime I also struggle with his studies..

    Please visit:

  17. I remember those days with my 3 boys--great time! I'm glad we don't have too much in bloom yet because of the predicted snow next week. We might get 8 inches!

  18. Beautiful photos, each with a story to tell. I love that you are making books! Stories to be passed down. :) Dotsie, you are both a blessing and blessed to have that time with the "not so Little One's" class. And, good brain exercise! Ha! Hope you have a wonderful day. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  19. it must be incredibly bonding for you both to be able to share in the school experience with her :)

  20. Your last comment made me smile (it's so good to be back in second grade).... and the window photo is truly beautiful. What will happen to all those glorious blossoms if it snows? I hope spring comes to say very soon for you, with lots of color and scent to enjoy.

  21. Beautiful spring shots and I love the one from inside your front door window. I hope you didn't get much snow. That is wonderful that you are helping in your grand's grade 2 class. It sure would test my brain and knowledge!

  22. Azaleas look beautiful! The books are such a great idea, I take so many photos but rarely do anything with them and forget about them stuck on my phone, I'm going to look into the books :)


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