Thursday, May 28, 2015

inside the lines

I often remember my good friend Lydia Grace, a former teacher, talking about the 
freshness and excitement of new notebooks, untouched erasers and
especially sharp pencils the beginning of each school year.
When it came time to have a cup of tea to celebrate her birthday,
I thought it might be fun to spend some time coloring together.
I'd read somewhere that coloring was becoming a popular relaxation 
pastime for adults, and why shouldn't it be? Once I started thinking about it, 
I saw it everywhere--on the Internet and in craft stores.
So I got some coloring sheets and very sharp colored pencils,
and after we had finished our scones, fruit and cheese, 
we set out to color while we continued to sip tea and chat.
It was very relaxing … and fun! 


  1. I love your post - my daughters and I color (they're in the 30s and I am slightly older, haha) and we color ALL the time - always have - have a huge bin of coloring books and the huge boxes of Crayolas - so we have enough for everyone.

    I am finding it lately a tiny bit painful, my arthritis is getting bad of late - hope I never lose the ability. I would miss it, yes it is very relaxing - keep it up. Vive les Colours d'arte!

    PS Had to rejoin being your follower again, why do I keep falling off people's rosters? I hate that, so many I miss till I realize it and have to rejoin. No clue why this is happening, but it is upsetting to have missed a sweet blogging friends posts. I will try and catch up to what I have missed. Hugs.

  2. What a great idea! When I started drawing this year and then watercoloring what I'd drawn I was brought back to the days when I loved to color in my coloring books. Keeping within the lines was a challenge I loved executing. I think it's the focusing that makes it so relaxing. I love the idea I read about recently (was that here?) of buying old children's books with black and white illustrations and watercoloring them in yourself.

  3. Such a fun idea, Dotsie...and a very lovely table too! I also have those memories of fresh new school supplies as a kid. I remember being just as excited about getting those new supplies as I was about getting new clothes!

  4. It is the latest 'craft craze' here, and the shops are full of adult colouring books!

  5. Now this is an idea that really appeals to me! You are such a fun friend! Creative, wonderful idea!

  6. I think this 'new' idea is wonderful and I would love to have a colouring book and pencils or markers. Getting together with a friend and colouring would be fun. Lots of talking and sharing can be done too. There are adult colouring books on the market now at the big box book stores. Your table in the sunroom looks lovely.

  7. What a lovely idea, and I remember well having all the new stuff to begin the school year....even in college!

  8. I love that idea! It reminds me of long-ago birthdays. I might just use this at some future birthday celebration.


  9. Podso,
    I love freshly sharpened pencils. . .to this very day!!!
    As an Elementary Teacher, my students use to ask me daily, "Mrs. C, May I sharpen your pencils?"
    Often times, I use a rubber stamp with ink, then use freshly sharpened colored pencils to fill in the design!!!
    Slowing down in life to enjoy life's "simply pleasures!!!

  10. I think this why I enjoy making my own cards - stamp on the image, colour in with my huge collection of artist's pencils and add some sparkle. Very relaxing.
    A great idea for friends getting together.

  11. I wish I lived near enough to come to one of your parties!! I, too, have noticed coloring books for adults lately...and why not? I think I'll get out my colored pencils this summer...

  12. Coloring is great fun. You always think of the most creative parties. I like lettering and then coloring in the lines.

  13. I took an on-line doodling class a few years ago and loved it. I need to take the time to just sit and doodle.

  14. What a sweet idea. Looks like yall stayed 'in the lines'. :D

  15. What a sweet idea. Looks like yall stayed 'in the lines'. :D

  16. You're awesome. :)

  17. Nice idea! I love coloring and water coloring with my grandchildren - it is relaxing.

  18. What a great idea to make the celebration even more fun for your friend.

  19. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Coloring is very relaxing. By the way, I love the bright tablecloth. You always set the prettiest table!


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