Saturday, November 29, 2014

November Means Gratitude

 November did not exactly fly by as I recovered from surgery.
Six hours a day lying down and using a knee bending machine allowed 
me to look up and out and watch the leaves slowly change color.
November has been a mix of physical therapy and trying to 
get back to normal living, or my "new normal" for
now. The Gardener helped me haul Christmas out
of the attic and it was actually fun to  s l o w l y 
decorate together. I'm happy to be going to church, book club, 
and even one big box store with my cane in use and the Gardener in tow.
It's so good to have time with the grandchildren again and
watch their sweet wonder as Christmas unfolds.
The bushes are heavy with red berries which can mean--if they are holly, per
an old wives' tale--that we have a big winter ahead. I wonder if its the
 same for this Nandina bush so heavy with fruit.
The Gardener has been preparing lots of firewood for us.
There is much to be grateful for this month, and not only because
it includes a holiday to be thankful.
My heart is filled with gratitude.

I'm joining with Cheryl's Gathering the Moments
and Judith's Mosaic Monday.


  1. This was one month you are happy to see drift off, I am sure. Here you are heading off to December with a new knee. Hope that soon you will be in top form again, though help getting down the Christmas decorations is always appreciated. I ordered the Karon book on Thanksgiving afternoon...looking forward to reading it along with my yearly reading of Shepherds Abiding.

  2. I know you are so happy to be on the mend and able to do more now that the holidays are here. I am anxious to read the new Jan Karon book, too! I have it in my wish list! I can't wait to visit with the characters I've grown to love in the past! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you've had some physical problems! It sounds like you are on the mend now! I'm thankful to hear it!

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better and doing your PT so dutifully, Dotsie! I know in a few months you will be walking well with out the cane. Enjoy decorating for Christmas and your grandchildren's visits!

  5. I'm thankful that you are recovering so well! I'm glad to see you getting around (I know this helps to see progress!) and to see your Christmas decor! That photo of your precious grand is so sweet! Wonder indeed!


  6. Lovely photos! So glad to hear that you are progressing. It sounds like you have wonderful diversions to help you along the way. I miss our nandina (?) bushes with their lush berries this time of year.


  7. You have a great attitude about your recovery.

    I like to avoid the big box stores at any time so shopping during the holidays is not my favorite.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  8. This is a beautiful post, Dotsie and we truly have so much to be thankful for. I'm happy to hear that you are coming along nicely now and able to be out and about. I love your red and white china and that bush loaded with berries. Blessings to you. Pam

  9. Your gratitude comes through in this post, Dotsie! I'm so glad for you! The orchid is just beautiful and I love your Christmas dishes. I have considered purchasing those in the past, as I have the Pink Castles dishes already. I notice you have the new Jan Karon book; was that your current book club read? I'll be putting that one on my Christmas list since I've loved all the other Mitford books. :) Your Nandina bushes look just like ours, and our holly tree is more loaded with berries than I've ever seen it. I think maybe we'd better stock up on firewood, what do you think? :)

    Have a blessed week, Dotsie!



  10. Your humble attitude of thanks for the month is admirable Dotsie. Enjoy decorating for Christmas and seeing the wonder of it all in the eyes of your little grandchildren.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  11. The two photos of the trees changing color really convey the feeling of just how long your recovery is taking. I'm so glad you're making steady progress. I love your china! Could you tell me the pattern name, etc.?

  12. I am sure that a new month is a good thing for you this time around...and yet, you have made amazing progress and have found much to be thankful for! I love the views of the changing leaves, seen from your knee bending machine. It is good to know that you are up and about more and more, and able to soak up that time with grands! Your little granddaughter, hanging an ornament on the precious!

    Thanks for joining me in "gathering" again this month! I love your heart of gratitude!

  13. Beautifully written, Dotsie. Gratitude in the midst of not so easy days is most heartfelt. I hope your knee continues to heal at a steady pace. The photo of your little grandchild reaching out to the tree is lovely.

  14. I wish you well with your recovery from your surgery. Sometimes things are sent our way to make us slow down and stop. I know they have done for me in the past. Amazing isn't it watching the trees change. Do you have snow where you are? Enjoy your grandchildren and the lead up to Christmas.

  15. I am so happy you are recovering from your surgery! Love series of images! Christmas and children are a happy time! Enjoy, sending my prayers you are all back to normal very soon!

  16. Good to hear that your recovery is going so well, it was great to catch up with you & see how you & the family getting into the Holiday spirit.

  17. So many beautiful photos, loved the orchids and the little one with the Christmas tree. Glad you are making progress in getting around, I know it can be a slow process, seeming especially slow when there are things we would like to get done. Encouraged by your heart of gratitude even though it's been a more difficult month for you.

  18. Indeed it was a month of gratitude...I know what you mean about recovering from surgery and having time to just look about and notice your surroundings.

  19. You are right. There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful that I met you through blogging and now I get to be part of the book club!

  20. I love this season of gratitude to close with a fresh perspective of a new year...hope you get better!

  21. Recovery. It's a lot of slow, hard work. Glad you're making progress. Sweet grand enjoying Christmas. Isn't it wonderful when they're around. And that bush is gorgeous!

  22. This was a really lovely post, Dot. The picture of your granddaughter is precious. The Gardener taking good care of you and preparing for winter, it all made my heart swell. Sometimes we are forced to slow down and we take things minute by minute, day by day. I know you are dealing with a lot of pain but it seems to make our minds a bit sharper, doesn't it. I'm very grateful as well this time of year, and I'm especially thankful that you are back to some of your enjoyable activities and feeling the warmth of family around you! :)

    Jane xx


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