Friday, November 07, 2014

two stories of generosity and not so much . . .

The day started out warm and humid with rain and threatening clouds. By the time we were on the train headed uptown the clouds had changed to bright sun. But then, as if a gift withdrawn, the wind and dark clouds furled again across the skies ... only to be replaced once more by sunshine, this time bringing cooler temperatures. Friends were taking us out to dine on a gift card they had received. So generous of them--they could have used the card three times themselves rather than sharing it with friends.

The meal was lovely, and my entree--a favorite Chicken Marsala--was perfect. I boxed up the remains, thinking about the mouth-watering second meal it would make. And now my story splits.

Story One: Walking on the train platform, we were approached by our second panhandler of the day. A quarter for some fast food? That wouldn't buy anything.

My box of food suddenly felt very heavy in my hands. Maybe I should give it to him. But I didn't, sitting it down on the bench next to me as we waited for our train. Once we hopped off the train back at our car, I suddenly realized the box wasn't with me. I had left it on the bench. Serves me right, I thought to myself. Quick lesson here ... and I breathed a silent prayer that panhandler friend would circle back and find the delicious meal and enjoy it for me, as he should have--if I'd been giving.

Story Two: Generous gift card friends headed home, stopping on the way to try and find a pecan pie for a church Thanksgiving dinner the next day. No pies to be found. Then they passed a fruit stand with a "Pecan Pie Sale" sign. Alas, it had just closed. Cash register sales tallied, all in process of being locked up for the day. 

They made an attempt anyway, but the answer was "no," even if cash was offered.  Walking back to the car, our friend noticed that the pie seller was walking after her beckoning her to come back.  "Here," she said,"Take a pie. No charge. Enjoy. They are to die for. You will love it."


  1. Wow, what a story. I don't know what I would have done in your place, especially if it was a dish I loved.....but your story will stay with me and I'm sure influence what I do if in such a situation in the future. Thank you for sharing this--for passing on this tidbit of truth that Jesus often taught. I dare say your story will feed many more people than that one man. :-)

  2. Now that's some pie vendor! :)

    Hmm...I LOVE chicken marsala so if I thought the panhandler was really hungry I suppose it wouldn't have bothered me to give it away. However, I imagine that you were wondering if the money was going for drugs or something hence you held on to your food. You are a good person, your guardian angel might have just handled the whole thing for you :) The angel probably knew best ...something that you wouldn't at the time. Perhaps there was another that dinner was going to be for, and not the panhandler.

    So interesting, this post :) It immediately gets one thinking! :)

  3. I would not have offered my box either because it had been on my plate. Perhaps thatbis what prevented you, a good nurse, from doing so. I really like the pecan pie story!

  4. Stories to make one think.

  5. What completely delightful stories! Wouldn't it be nice if we could hear stories like that every day?
    BTW, I hope your knee is feeling better.

  6. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy dinner.

    I like these kinds of challenges to what God would have us do. Thought provoking.


  7. I guess the thought of offering your leftovers to a stranger didn't seem quite right for as Vee said, you would think about the sanitary aspect from being a nurse.
    I like the happy ending of the second scenario.

  8. I think you need a hug.

  9. Well this was certainly an interesting story. But let me tell you that believe it or not I have been asked for money by a homeless man once and I offered him the fast food I happened to have in my hand. I had NO business buying the fast food in the first place as it was not on my diet menu. I was feeling guilty I had even stopped. So when he asked for change I offered him the food, and he turned it down saying he didn't really like "their" food, lol. So as it turned out he wasn't very hungry now was he? I doubt I'd offer food again. Now that's not to say that is always the case of course in these situations, but I can't forget this incident. Now I LOVED the pie story. It made me think about how we can't out give God. Your friend shared her bounty with you with the gift card meal, and the Lord rewarded her generosity with dessert! Enjoy your day...


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