Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Rescue

It's a throw-away culture. Our elderly neighbor had moved to a rest home and her son was cleaning 
out her house. We saw flashlights in the dark behind our house. Not knowing what was going 
on we went over to have a look. Bags of "garbage" were set out along the road for trash pick up. 
Another neighbor was sifting through the stuff, so we joined in to have a look at what was 
being thrown away. We found some precious old photos, 
antique cookie cutters and a beautiful porcelain nativity set. 
We rescued it but at first could not find the most important piece, the baby Jesus. 
Then I spotted Him! How could I let this piece of beauty be trash? 
As I carried it home I wondered how many Christmases it had already helped to celebrate.
That was fifteen years ago. Now it's seen that many Christmases at our house. 
There are a few chips here and there, and a couple of broken ears, but we love it. 
I can't help but think our elderly neighbor would be 
thrilled that another family was enjoying her nativity set.
Guest post by my good friend Jane Smith.

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  1. Such a heart warming story. It was difficult to read that someone could throw away the Nativity Scene, but I'm glad you were able to rescue it and use it so lovingly in your own home for all these years.


  2. What a lovely story! I am so happy to hear your rescued the nativity scene. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  3. Some things should never be thrown away. I'm so glad that this Nativity Scene was rescued and went on to contribute to so many more family Christmases.

  4. A lovely Christmas story. I am glad you rescued it and I'm sure the original owner would be thrilled with that.

  5. WOW! The nativity set was a great find!

  6. I am sure the lady who originally owned the set is smiling down from heaven. It really is a shame to see things like this go to the trash when it could be taken to the Salvation Army or elsewhere for others to enjoy.
    Have a good week Dotsie.

  7. What a sweet story...

  8. What a lovely story of reclaimed treasure!

  9. They say one persons trash is another ones treasure.
    but I think they are lovely too and would have kept them too.

  10. What a sweet story - I am glad you were the person to save baby Jesus and the nativity scene.

  11. What a lovely story! So glad the Nativity was saved and has given many years of delight to another family.

  12. That is a lovely story. Your header photo is gorgeous.

  13. I'm so glad your friend rescued the Nativity Set. Pieces like this are such treasures to someone and can hold so many memories.

  14. I'm so glad that beautiful nativity set was saved from the trash, Podso! It is such a stressful time when a child has to clear out a parent's house in haste.

  15. Oh I love that story Dotsie.
    Such a treasure found and given new life, the perfect story for the Christmas season!

  16. A great post Dotsir ~ nativitiy sets are all the more precious when they have a family story attached. I'm going to use mine to tell the Christmas story to my nephews this year.

    Love your granddaughter's comment (**

    Christmas Blessings~

  17. A wonderful rescue!!!!
    xo Kris

  18. I have this VERY EXACT nativity we purchased at an auction this summer and I love it!

  19. Podso,
    I love that you went searching through the "throw~aways" and found this priceless treasure!!!
    I'm sure that you neighbor is smiling down from Heaven above!

  20. I have to agree with Jane, the elderly neighbour would no doubt be thrilled to know that someone was enjoying that beautiful nativity scene for many years to come.
    Lovely post!


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