Saturday, December 03, 2011

at the back of the tree ... again

I told some friends who were over the other night that I was going to do a post about the ornaments at "the back of the tree."  Some of the wise guys immediately got up and began to check out the ornaments on the back side of our tree, looking to see if I had put any that they'd given me back there--teasing me for sure.  We don't have a tree that would grace the covers of any home or decorating magazines.  Our ornaments, except for some generic "fillers" are important to us because they have history. The ones hung at the back may have the most history, and are very special, and ones I would never give up, but I don't necessarily want them centered in the front.  There are rough plastic Santa boots and peeling antique ornaments from the Gardener's and his mother's childhood, the years when they had a tree. Or ones we handmade with clothespins the Christmas in Africa when the Gardener was so very ill. And some vintage crocheted ones I made in the 70s. We probably all have such ornaments.

But wait a minute. I just realized something. These back of the tree guys are really front and center, for our tree is at a window at the front of the house. They join the merry lights and shine out to anyone heading to our front door. So ... depending how you look at it ....  
And the stories they could tell ...

Reposted from three years ago. Those ornaments are still back there!
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  1. Hello Dear Podso!

    Your mosaic is so cheerful and festive. Those back of the tree ornaments still are sweet and neat that they take their place on the front of the tree as they are viewed from the outside.

  2. lol! I was thinking the way I positioned my tree this year that I could skimp on the back. But it is in front of a mirror. I really can't stand for the back to go undecorated even it it's not visible. Just knowing it bugs me.

  3. Oh, yes... those are my very, very favorites. {smile} It does depend on which side of the tree you are looking, doesn't it? ;)

    It is like unpacking a box of memories every year... blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Lat year I didn't do the back of the tree at all as I was mourning the passing of my Dad. But in all honesty, the ones we don't really like used to go in the! I have such a great collection now, I can't find enough room on the tree, so it's covered with all my favorites. I joked with the hubs that he could rotate the tree every couple of days for me!


    PS...your tree is beautiful! And I love your sweet new header!

  5. The idea of the ornaments at the back of the tree is brillian! I always feel a bit guilty when I place an ornament on the back side of the tree, keeping it from being glorified in the "front". I am so happy to know that "if" I place my tree in front of a window, then each ornament on the back will be given an "staring role" this Christmas!

  6. It takes a long time to decorate our tree because it seems that every ornament has a story. Even the "fillers" bring back the memory of lunch at a favorite cafe after purchasing them or the little shop that's no longer there. And then there are the ones that our children refer to as "antiques"--the very ones we purchased our first married Christmas!! I think our tree has no backside. It's all special.


  7. What a sweet post. I'll bet we all have 'back of the tree' ornaments. Mine are mostly big paper Santas and clay 'gingerbread' men. I wouldn't be without them!

  8. Love your post thanks for shring JoAnn

  9. I love your post, it is sweet to see your wonderful ornaments. And that they have such wonderful memories for you. I have back of the tree ornaments that are also facing the window for all to see. Lovely photos, I hope you have a great week ahead.

  10. Hi Dotsie...

    What a cute post, my friend! I do believe that you most beloved ornaments are there for all to see...I love that! I must admit that I don't have many ornaments on the back side of my tree this year. The tree is butted up against the corner with no windows! Hehe! I sure wished that I had some of my well loved ornaments...from years gone by. Some how they were lost in a move. I just cried when I found out they were missing. All the years of sweet handmade ornaments made by my children and several made by my Grandmother.

    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely Christmas post and your beautiful ornanments and pretty tree with us for the Sunday Favorites party today!

    I hope that my note is finding you and your family well, dear friend!

    Warmest Christmas wishes,

  11. Very sweet ornaments, Podso, very nice tree, too. I love seeing peoples trees.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I do the same thing, Dotsie! Most of my ornamants are sentimental but some are a little worn out and tattered, so they grace the back of the tree as I would still never leave them out :)

  13. Oh I love it! Never thought of it that way before either. They look completely charming and their beauty is in their being so well loved.

  14. What a great mosaic and a wonderful post!
    Have a nice week,

  15. Those are the most treasured ornaments, the one with a history to tell. Your collection is gorgeous. Take care and enjoy the week:)

  16. A very lovely mosaic. Enjoy your week.

  17. Hi Podso
    Hmm, I remember all the handmade ornaments - things from kindergarden and the crafting group I belonged to long ago. I hope they still shine on our daughters' trees since we're down to a small table top.
    Funny how we all put certain ones at the back, which is usually the front, as in your case!

  18. Great memories. Lots of stories there. V

  19. Oh how sweet those back of the tree ornaments are. It's really hard to figure out what to place back there. One of my trees backs up to a window as well.....but the other one just backs to the wall....somehow I can't leave them totally bare.

  20. Beautiful! I have so many ornaments that I pooped out halfway through decorating the tree and didn't put them all up. The tree is still full! :)


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