Monday, October 31, 2011


Some of the changes that have come to my nursing job include having to work 12-hour shifts. When I work two days in a row, as I did this weekend, I miss being home. And it occurs to me that I didn't see daylight between Friday afternoon and this morning. Inside our unit there are no windows, and the patients' rooms often have the shades drawn. I can go all day and not know what kind of a day it is outside!

Therefore I am so happy when I have a day at home and can enjoy the daylight (sun or cloudiness) streaming inside the windows.

Seems the older I get, I feel "out of sorts" if I don't have "home time"-- the opportunity to pull my nest together, tending to little things the very capable Gardener, as a man, may not have noticed; planning to prepare a good meal for us, and mostly, time to reflect and have some quiet. There's "no place like home" in my life manual!


  1. Oh my dear Podso you're a busy lady, wow! Yes me too, I feel like you, there's no place like home! So now that you're so busy you don't see much of Little One I guess. Have a nice day and happy Halloween. Hugs, FABBY

  2. I so hear you, Dotsie. As much as I enjoyed my trip to Buffalo and then on to see my Little Men and family, I feel so drained without some time alone... and in my home. It seems to sustain and nourish me. And, yes, it is amazing how much we can miss our blog friends. ;) BTW, I applaud you for still being able to handle the 12 hour shifts. Recovering from long days in the OR just got longer and longer for me until I needed to make some changes. blessings ~ tanna

  3. 12 hour deserve a medal!

  4. I very much agree and can relate very well at the moment having been away from home the last ten days! It will take a little time to get things back in order but I look forward to the task. I also look forward to getting back "in touch" with my blogging friends.


  5. Oh gosh, I remember those 12 hour shifts, and I worked the night shift so many years and missed the sun many days in a row. The Harvard Nurse Health Study II, of which I've participated in since the 70's, is finding some correlation of night shift workers getting more illnesses later in life.

    I'm glad you have a day off to recuperate!

    Thanks for entering the digital scrapbook software give away on my blog! It is lots of fun to work with. Good luck!

  6. When #1 daughter who is a labour and delivery nurse does her 12 hours, most times she said they don't even get time to eat. #2 daughter is a police officer that also does 12 hour shifts - there is no way I could be efficient for that long a period.
    To still be able to do these hours, you are really dedicated and must love your job. Bouquets to you.

  7. You're such a comfort to me. :)

  8. The older I get the more comfort I gain from my home.
    It is sad and depressing the patients don't have their windows open to enjoy the weather, whatever it may be.

  9. Podso,
    I, too, need what I call..."Me Time" to be fulfilled! Sometimes, I enjoy drinking coffee early on the deck (Spring & Autumn are perfect for this)in my pajamas. And NO...I don't care if the people on the highway see me out there. That's why it's called a privacy fence!!! Life is hetic, tasking and challenging on a daily basis. "Me Time"...I always invite the Mater and listen for His voice!

  10. I agree with you completely! I would hate not to see the daylight, I miss my house when I am gone away for even overnight. My heart truly goes out to you, dear Podso.
    The saying that "There's no place like home" is a truism!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. I so agree with you! I need time to nest in my own home too! I love to have a quiet home and putter.
    I guess being away from home makes us appreciate it more!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  12. I love to be at home. I do not go many places I never have.
    Smiles, Dottie

  13. I know you have a very hard job. The hours are so demanding. I bet you're an excellent nurse. Any chance of you retiring soon? You could have all the sunshine you wanted then. lol

  14. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I've never thought it was healthy for nurses to have to work such long hours. The first day off would be kind of a wash being so exhausted from the long shift. I'm at a point that I'm able to work part-time and I love it! I know the older I get the more I like routine and being home. I really don't dream about exotic trips. I enjoy my small home and little outings much more.


  15. I'm with you on there's no place like home. I can't imagine 2 days with no home time - please take care of yourself.

    Love the rocking chair - reminds me of one that my Gram had.

    Enjoy your day!


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