Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the challenge

It's amazing how difficult it can be to get four or five friends together.
We lead such busy lives ... appointments, work, going out of town, babysitting 
grandchildren, picking up kids from activities ... and so the list goes.
But we think it's worth trying ... and try we do. Birthdays are a good excuse reason to 
connect around a cup of tea and some goodies. (These cupcakes are really chocolate 
chip muffins, and doesn't the word "muffin" for some reason sound 
healthier than "cupcake?" Even if iced?)
It was a cool, very rainy afternoon and it was so cozy to be inside with a 
hot "cuppa," celebrating a birthday.
Good times, good friends ... it's always worth the challenge to get together.
This particular goodie was purchased at this exceptional bakery! Thanks Boniface!!

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  1. My friends and I are always wondering how it got so hard to schedule time together! Seems when we were young, we just 'hung out' all the time!! So glad you carved some special (and it does look SPECIAL) time with your peeps!!

    Love your new header!! Obsessed with that gothic archway!! Beautiful and artful, Dotsie.

    Glad you will be celebrating with your mom for a very, very special birthday... I've grown to appreciate her through your writing. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Hi Podso
    Yes, I agree that it can be quite the ordeal to get a few people together whether socially or even for a meeting.
    A muffin with icing! That's no different than cutting it open and spreading sugary jam all over - I like this idea as I'm not much of a cake person but do enjoy muffins.
    Your little gathering had a cozy look to it, glad you were able to connect with the others.

  3. Dotsie,

    How fortunate to have friends so close by. Mine are scattered all over the country so we don't connect as a group any more. Sad. Thank goodness for the computer. The goodies look scrumptious. I am always blog hopping when I am hungry.....

  4. I'm meeting two of my dearest friends for lunch today. We have made it a priority to get together once a month for the past twenty some years. It hasn't been easy. Both of these friends have/are retiring. One already and the other at the end of the year. Scheduling should get a lot easier! You "cuppa" looks delicious.

    I'm sending happy birthday wishes to your mother!


  5. Anonymous10:07 AM

    You know it's tough to get together! I suppose there are those seasons of our lives when it is harder than others. At present, I am in one of those seasons, myself. I want to establish a regimen of tea dates, but the calendar is a fierce taskmaster. But, I am determined to keep the dream alive - and pursue as well can. Especially if I can set up a tea time as lovely as the one I see you have today!

  6. Mmmm, the cupcake muffins won me over! It's always nice to get together with girlfriends. In November I have a trip planned to Vegas with my sister and 4 female cousins. We're calling it the "Cousins Sin City Tour". I can't wait. There's just something about the company of women. I may bake some goodies to share now that you've given me the idea!

  7. That's a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon. And I'd love a piece of that last cake...such luscious layers of goodness! Is a chocolate chip muffin really a cupcake in disguise anyway?? I wonder! Never thought of it before.

  8. Always a pleasure to come for tea at your house: especially celebrating frienship and a birthday!
    You bless deeply!

  9. Lydia grace4:41 PM

    Wonderful time yesterday..Everything was delightful, as usual at your home and around your of my favorite places..

  10. I love tea parties with friends and yummy desserts. And yes, it is sometimes difficult to get people together with our busy lives. Glad your party was a success! Blessings, Pamela

  11. Good for you to make a point of getting together with your friends. It is really important that women connect with their friends and have "girl time" together. Your table was lovely and the dessert looked yummy!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I think you're just great. Have I told you that lately? :)

  13. It is sad how hard it is to get together with friends. Such a great time to be had and so glad you had this special time with your friends! Beautiful tablescape & goodies!

  14. It is hard finding a time when all the friends can get together at the same time...your desserts look wonderful.

  15. What a pretty setting! Now if you would only deep fry the chocolate chip muffin so it's even healthier, I could come and celebrate too!

    I love how the top plate echoes the shape of the clear glass --is it pink carnival glass?

    It is hard to get friends together -- sometimes it's even hard to get 2 friends together, let alone 5.

    Lovely post!

  16. How fun for your friend gathering. I'm sure it was a special time. Such pretty china.

  17. There was a group of 10 of us who did everything together for several years, but now many have moved out of country or moved on to other jobs here and with everyone going different directions and taking care of business, it is very hard to get together. When we do, we try to meet at a coffee shop or a friend's place for brunch. Your get-together looks delightful and dessert sounds yummy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  18. How lovely! You set such a wonderful table and goodies for friends. Wished I could pop over some time for a cuppa ;)

  19. It CAN be a real challenge just to pull a few friends together. Sometimes I wish for the 1950s and 60s when women got together in the afternoons as a matter of course. It is so important to take the time for friendship! Glad you were successful in pulling everyone together! Very nice table!!

  20. You are right. Seems we put everything before visiting with friends. We are just too busy these days. Looks like you had a special and wonderful time!

  21. I think your table looks lovely as always! The bottom plate is the same floral pattern as my grandmother's pattern but mine doesn't have the pink edge. Also, your little creamer vase, is it Blue Ridge Pottery? I have a Japanese tea set that was also my grandmother's and have only the creamer I found to match at an antique store. It looks so like yours, and like Blue Ridge, but not exactly same. I'm having a bridesmaid's luncheon this Sat. so interested in ideas, thanks for sharing yours. Fun to take a peek!


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