Sunday, December 09, 2012

your slip is showing

Little One (she's getting tall!) and my Ginny doll made friends the other day. Anyone remember them? They came before Jill dolls who came before Barbies. Between my sister and I we have two dolls--one somehow arrived from the 80s--maybe it was my niece's--and then...
...this "real deal" who looks like she could use a trip to the doll hospital. What amazed me again was the array of clothes my grandmother, and later my older sister, crafted for our Ginnies.
My grandma (this is the grandma that got down on the floor and played with us, and kept a toy box at her house -- and we always wondered if she didn't also play with them when we weren't there!) made these dresses that faintly remind me of the style of dress we must have worn as little girls. The orange and white in the lower left corner was made in a 60s style by my older sister. See the bathrobe? And the full slips? I had forgotten that a "full slip" years ago meant that it made your dress full or "stick out."
Little One loved the dresser drawer with the shoe and comb stash and the way the
 clothes hung on hangers in the "closet."   I loved the raincoat.
"Oops! Your slip is showing!" That was one I had to explain to Little One, who probably
doesn't own a slip. We had a good time together--she playing with something new 
and intriguing, and I, remembering a time long ago.


  1. Oh, sweet Little One is getting tall, yeah, what can you my grands are getting bigger and bigger too and I want to stop time for a little longer, but to no avail! I was a doll dressmaker when I was a kid, so I'm sure I had cloths from the 50's and 60's for my dolls, cause mother was always sewing for me in her Singer's machine and she would give me left over pieces of fabric for my dolls. Yeah, girls this days don't know what slips are.. I mean, they hardly wear skirts, never mind slips, lol..Actually I had mini slips in the 60's for my mini skirts, so.. Hope your Holidays are coming along great sweet friend.

  2. What beautiful memories this post brings back to me. I remember a similar wardrobe, tiny plastic hangars for tiny doll clothes and I had a doll similar to yours but no doubt not the 'real' one. I had an aunt that sewed doll clothes for our Betsy Wetsy dolls and I still have a satin 'gown' she made for one doll. It's wonderful that you still have your doll and clothes for your little one to enjoy. Warm hugs. Pamela

  3. Sweet and happy times for sure. That your doll actually had clothes must have been wonderful. I was always wanting clothes for my dollies to wear. (My mom made a lot of outfits for her nieces' dolls, but wore out before she made my sister and me a lot of outfits for ours.) Lots of wonderful memories shared even as you create some more with your grandgirlie.


  4. I remember "oops, your slip is showing!"

    In fact, I still own a slip or two, though I can't tell you the last time I actually wore one.

    I remember can-can slips, do you?

    We had Tammi dolls, our mom didn't approve of Barbies 'cause she thought they were too, uh hem, top heavy.

    My dad made us doll carry cases/closets very similar to the one you show there.


  5. I love the little closet and the clothes, they are amazing! Somebody put a lot of time and creativity into making those.
    I loved dressing my dolls in different clothes when I was little, I loved dolls. My youngest grand daughter, Miss B, is like that.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. So wonderful that you have all those treasures to share.

  7. How fortunate you are to have those loving memories of your grandmother and now to be making those same memories with your little one. I love those dresses. What a great seamstress she must have been to create such perfect little copies of dresses you probably wore!

  8. Isn't it a heart-warming feeling to share a beloved doll with a grandchild...sharing memories and love? My much-loved childhood doll I gave to my oldest daughter when she was eight years old, and she passed it along to her own oldest daughter last year when Maddie turned seven. I love the fact that three generations share memories with "Miss Peep."

    Your doll is wonderful! I know that your "Little One" was delighted with her. And what a lovely wardrobe she has...again, full of love and precious memories...

  9. I'm not familiar with these dolls but love all the handmade clothes for them. It's nice to see dolls passed down; the barbies in our family went through 3 generations.
    I still have a half slip tucked away in a drawer but can't remember the last time I wore it.

  10. What a sweet looking doll! I don't remember that doll though.. just the Barbie's. Yours looks like it's in such good shape. I loved the story about your Grandma. I hope my grandchildren will remember that I played games with them. :-)

  11. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I do remember those dolls. How wonderful that you still have them and you and the Little One can enjoy playing together ... making more precious memories. Slip is showing -- indeed! :D :D

  12. Podso,
    Precious memories.
    My doll suticase with the hangers and compartments were Barbie ~ which I passed to my sister's daughter ( my niece) as there were only sons here. I have a Madame Alexander Doll that my Grandmother made a red courdory hooded coat for. . .Little Red Riding Hood. Thanks for reminding us about showing slips!!! Smiles at the computer screen this morning!

  13. Oh my! What a beautiful doll and sweet photos of a happy time. I would be on the floor playing, too if I was there. I love all of the pretty clothes. I need to get busy and sew for some of my dolls. Holiday hugs!

  14. Oh my gosh you brought back memories with the doll clothes case. Valerie

  15. I would have given my sister for this doll trunk in 1965...glad I kept her though

  16. What sweet moments you are sharing with your Little One. She is growing so fast. She will enjoy hearing more stories of your childhood.

    The doll and clothes are wonderful treasures from long ago. Slips seem to have gone out of favour, although I've seen more reference to them lately.

  17. Charming! Oh, I adore trunk dolls and have one of my own...but mine is modern and made by Marie Osmond. She is jointed porcelain and I love changing her clothes. How lucky you were to have such a 'child at heart' grandmother who not only played with you but sewed extra outfits for dolly. Thx for visiting my blog. :)

  18. My older sister had a Ginny doll with the folding case and clothes! I aways wanted to play with it but she told me I was too little. When I was older (7?) I had a Barbie doll instead.

    I have a toybox for my grandchildren :) I hope they will remember that I liked to play with them!

  19. Sweet memories you are making, Dotsie!! And, I love that you ARE the one who will get in the floor and play... my aspiration, too... though right now it is tractors and monster trucks! LOL! You have a treasure in these clothes and dolls... and memories... love it! Just love it!


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