Thursday, December 06, 2012

she's here

 I did find an angel at the little resale shop around the corner where individuals tenderly 
care for their tiny booths of winsome items. In fact I found three, but this young 
woman angel drew me in with her mandolin and silver. I may decrease her abundance of 
red ribbons and shorten her dress a bit but I am growing to love her. 
It looks like she might have just been to the hair salon.
The other night at our young woman's encouragement group we decorated plain candles
 by gluing tissue paper on them and then ... embellishing them. 
I may have gone too far on the embellishments, but it sure was fun to do.


  1. I've just had a moment trying to envision a hair salon in heaven!! She's lovely and looks quite content--happily awaiting Christmas.


  2. Oh Podso, your angel is perfect! I love that she has a violin, and I wouldn't change a thing about her.

    You did a great job on your candle. I'm seeing the most amazing craft projects this Christmas -- no wonder the A.C. Moore here is always so crowded. :-D Now I want to try some of these ideas myself.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. I love your angel...mine has had it LOL Oh how fun, decorating with others, and it is a pretty candle

  4. I'm glad you found an angel that needed a home. She is beautiful. Would that be a mandolin that she is playing rather than a violin? Love the candle. That's a great idea. Did you use mod podge to glue the paper on it? I'm not very crafty.

  5. Isn't that something, the angel from my post is holding a mandolin - maybe they're both part of the same choir of angels?
    I just went and checked the hair on mine, and she definitely has a salon do. LOL
    Glad you found a pretty angel too.

  6. Your angel is glad that you found each other! Too far on embellishments? I don't think so. Your candle is beautiful.

  7. Your violin-playing angel is the perfect topper for your Christmas tree! I love to see old things loved and given a new home. She is lovely. (As is your candle, including its embellishments.)

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  9. she has the most demure face and I love the candle idea!

  10. Imagine - she was waiting for you in that shop! I'm glad to read that your treetop is free from the poinsettia and back to being topped by an angel!

  11. I love the angel. I am in search of the right one for our tree too! So far, no luck. Love the tissue paper covered candles!!
    xo Kris

  12. Your angel is pretty...she reminds me of ours. do alterations?


  13. Love her! Her face is similar to our angel.

    I've seen those candles done before - are they hard to make? Yours is lovely!



  14. She has a very angelic face.

  15. Lovely find! A very pretty angel. And festive candle too!

  16. Podso,
    I believe there has been some "divine intevention" for you to find this Angel!!! They are scarce!!!
    Designing heavenly attire sounds amazing!!!

  17. She is a beautiful angel! I love her eyes and the little violin. Can't wait to see how she looks after a little fashion makeover :)

  18. Your angel will adorn the top of your tree with grace. I'm glad you found each other.

    Hope your day is just wonderful.

  19. Podso,
    Thanks for your sweet visit and comment today!!! The Progressive Brunch was wonderful! YES!!! You did send me a saucer! The pattern is different with gold around the outside edge. I'm still trying to get enough for a service of 8...10 would be better. With patience and in time, I hope to aquire enough for a dinner group! The plastic plates were the small saucer (dessert plates)! I would have sent you an e~mail, but seems I've misplaced your address! Sorry!
    Again...thanks for visiting!!!

  20. Thanks for your comment on my post on my pregnancy at 44...I am glad so many are still having children in their 40's, I know a lot start much later than I did and so I am glad they are having children. What is hard is all the problems and fears that would be spoken over you during a pregnancy in that decade, even though past generations had children during the same decade.
    Thanks so much for your comments...I have enjoyed having kids in my 20's and 30's and 40's and now just enjoying my 50's pregnancy free...LOL
    Merry Christmas

  21. She has a very sweet face and would be perfect smiling from above! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  22. How pretty! She has a beautiful home now.


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