Saturday, December 01, 2012

snug as a bug

Hot cocoa on a cold day; a sip of delectable tea while sitting around a table with good friends; candles in the window; a dog snoring at my feet; a cuddly baby; a soft, warm blanket; nothing too big; somewhat old and comfortable ... these words and more conjure up "coziness" in my mind. We got into the discussion when my mother, surveying the switch in our dining room and living room asked, "Just what is coziness?"

I'm sure she knows, but maybe she never thought about it before. Since so many of you asked about what the "new" and "cozy" living room looks like, I thought I'd tuck a picture of it into a post about coziness. It's a word we often use to describe a place, and when we say the word, a warm feeling comes with it, don't you think? Of course I checked the dictionary and it used words like: "snug, comfortable, and warm," and another set of words I like: "marked by friendly intimacy." That's what we feel when we are in our new room where we read and have conversations.

I place a high value on coziness ... do you? Since pictures, at least for me, speak louder than words, I searched through my photos to come up with some that say "cozy" to me. (An aside: the center photo is of our dear Meshach who went to doggie heaven three years this week.)

We had plenty of "friendly intimacy" last night when the kids were over for the Gardener's birthday. After dinner, since it was "Little Brother's" first view of a Christmas tree (I wish I could have captured the awestruck look in his wide eyes when he first saw it), we hung around in our "small, intimate" room. And it was a bit crowded with the grands playing here and there and us trying to sit and talk. We should have gone to the larger "family" room, but of course we wanted to be by the tree. Next time I'll remember to add more chairs on the edge of the dining room.
I think we all look for coziness especially during the holidays ... 

... possibly in part because we remember the stable where a young teenage mom 
wrapped her baby and laid him in a manger she had filled with straw to make 
it a cozy bed for him. I'm sure the environment was harsher than 
the Christmas cards show, but certainly 
the light and love of Christ filled the place with great warmth.


  1. Perfectly snug is the right word.
    I am happy for you!

  2. Your room looks very cosy - and that is a quality I value more than anything in a room. We like the same colours, I see! I have blue couches and raspberry chairs - colour, some floral and a large amount of family love/history make a room as cosy as yours!

  3. I believe you have captured the essence of coziness very well. Happy birthday to The Gardener.


  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Looks and sounds perfectly cozy to me! And how wonderful to see Little Brother's first view of a Christmas tree! :)
    Hope you all have a warm and cozy weekend, Dotsie!

  5. Very interesting question from your mother and an interesting response. I am one who finds your new living room space very cozy. Sometimes I think that "cozy" can not necessarily be described so well as felt. You either feel it or you don't. I've been in both kinds of homes.

  6. I love your "new" living room! It is certainly cozy and filled with warmth. It looks well loved. I think you made a good trade.

    Your pictures are beautiful...your pup was very cute, I'm so sorry you lost him/her. Happy Birthday to your husband!


  7. Hello Dotsie
    I use the word 'cozy' often and you've captured exactly how I would explain it. Comfort food (can this also be defined?) has a certain cozy quality to it too.
    Both times I've viewed your LR and DR switch I look around me and wonder, could it work here? Hmm...

  8. I loved reading your "cosiness" I think you hit all the high points. I love to snuggle in a comfy chair with a cup of tea, blanket and a good book. However I'd love to hold that baby, unfortunately no little ones in our family right now. Snuggle in, Laura

  9. What a beautiful post! I love the photos. I remember Christmas at my grandparents home. There were a million of us there and somehow we all fit in their front little living room. Later on in life when I went back I went to that room as realized how tiny it was and was amazed that we had all fit. There's always room for family :)

  10. Cozy is a comforting word, evoking images of appealing warmth. Your living room is just that - unpretentious and perfectly welcoming. How fun to discuss words we use all the time.

  11. Lots of lovely coziness - thank you! And thanks for the glimpse of your new "parlor" too. I'd love to do the same here but it wouldn't work out half as well!

  12. Wonderful post. You do have a nice cozy room there. Sounds like a great family evening. Your photos are beautiful.

  13. Fabulous post, you describe 'cozy' perfectly. Love your cozy mosaic. Have a wonderful week:)

  14. I love a cozy room the very best of all. Yours is certainly cozy (and charming), especially with the fire burning in the fireplace. I also love your candelabra and the books on the bookshelf. Books are a MUST for a cozy room. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful week.


  15. Your photos say cozy in spades. I need to feel cozy to be happy. It wraps you like a warm blanket. Valerie

  16. I love a cozy house, too and even here in Florida, it's nice to have candles lit and lamps on after dark. It makes the house so nice.

  17. A wonderful, wonderful mosaic. Your room is filled with Christmas cheer and looks so homey and cozy. genie

  18. Happy birthday to the Gardener!
    It was nice to see your cozy living room filled with your pretty Christmas tree! You mosaic is lovely, Dotsie.

  19. Coziness comes from the heart... and, you do it so well, Dotsie!! Happy Belated Birthday to the Gardender. blessings ~ tanna

  20. Oh...How warm and inviting your home is...Just a little piece of heaven, I'd say. My husband and I cherish the times when we can curl up by the warmth of the fire, with a cuppa tea, a purring kitty and some good conversation.

    I'm so thankful for the sweet story of our Savior, King and Messiah who brought hope to a dying world. Thank you for including it in your post.

    I'm so glad you stopped by and I so enjoyed reading your comment.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend.

  21. As they say, our home is our sanctuary - and I guess with that comes cosiness. The place where we feel safe and secure. Thank you for taking us into your home this week and for the lovely thoughts.
    Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

  22. I love your coziness post! The photos really do represent coziness. I may have those same books, btw. I am sorry about your little Meshach. It is hard to lose a beloved pet, such a part of the family. Thank you so much for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. Glad you enjoyed the sheep. I've got lots more where those came from. lol

  23. Coziness at it's best is in your last paragraph!

    Our Old Parsonage screams coziness with it's 1728sq ft.


    BTW - Birthday wishes to The Gardner!!!

  24. I love your cozy glimpses, including the glimpse of your "new" living room! It sure looks inviting...

  25. Podso,
    Cozy, indeed!!!
    Secure as being wrapped in a baby blanket or my husband's arms speak volumes of cozy to me!

  26. Your room looks beautiful and cosy. I love it

  27. I'm lovin' all your coziness, including the corner cabinet and spoon rack. Great pics, happy cozy home.

  28. A lovely blog post and a beautifully warm and cosy photo mosaic - I love it!

  29. That is such a pretty mosaic of your home place, and coziness is a nice word :-)


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