Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Look for art

Lydia Grace set a beautiful tea table for some of us last week. There were many details to take note of and it was all so graceful and beautiful. A wonderful setting for good food and good conversation.

Another friend transformed her den into a beautiful twinkly-lit place to dine by the fireplace. We enjoyed coffee in an atmosphere that beat any cozy coffeehouse.

It's all made me think about how we are all artists in one way or another. After all, we were made to be creative.

So I'm trying to look around more and appreciate beauty and creativity in its many forms and expressions ... whether it's the way we paint a picture, mow the lawn, organize a cabinet, or set a table!

Even if not immediately obvious, it's there to find if I just look!


  1. I completely agree, Podso. There is so much beauty all around us, and I think it does our heart good to be creative. Thank you for sharing these images; I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.



  2. I concur, Podso. Eyes wide open, there is much beauty in the world. Sometimes I miss it because I'm inattentive or too busy.
    These are lovely images. Creativity is part of the human make-up - a reflection of God's creativity within us.

  3. A very worthwhile pursuit, and I join you in that.

  4. Ah, something to think about. And honestly, it's so easy for me to get too busy and just gloss over setting the table, etc. But I AM much happier when the creative side gets exercise. Much happier, and on a deeper level. Something to address in the coming year. :)

  5. Ah yes, it is. Even in your fireplace. :) I'm always looking for creativity with my photographic eye. So much fun.

  6. I hope you had a very happy and blessed Christmas with your family, Dotsie! It is nice now to be able to take a deep breath and continue to enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

  7. I once thought that one must be able to draw well to be an artist. Now I believe as you do...that beauty is all around us, even in the simple tasks of homemaking, and that finding it and expressing it is a noble pursuit.

  8. Hello Dotsie
    You're so right when you say a mowed lawn can become art; a neighbour cuts his grass on an angle both ways and it looks pretty neat.
    And, tastefully arranged things in a home can make for a pretty, and cozy place.

  9. You are so right, Dotsie. I often think about how even managing a home is a form of creativity... doing a budget... Things that don't immediately strike us as creative, but still require imagination and execution.

    Reading back through your posts, I am most grateful for our Source of Joy... and you, dear friend. blessings to you and yours ~ tanna

  10. Yes, always looking for something that I've not noticed before. I enjoyed how your friend used the beads to tie the table together...very creative. And a paneled den with twinkly lights might have felt very British...a proper pub perhaps...

  11. Yes Mam - I agree whole heartedly. Friends of mine are artists by trade and sometimes I downplay what I do because of the talent that they have. But they are the first to compliment me on my creativity. It's all about perception and seeing the beauty around us.

    Merry Christmas dear friend!


  12. Podso,
    Thank you for recognizing that we all have a hidden "Artist" within our being!!! I adore the table setting with the pearls meandering among the adorable angels!!! You are so inspiring through your written word!

  13. They are all pretty, and festive!

    Happy New Year!

  14. Coffee with friends by the fire: a delightful thought!
    I would live to have such a friend or have friends with a free evening to enjoy such time in front of our fire, especially while arching the snow fall outside.

  15. oh I so agree...our creator made us to be creative and to enjoy the beauty around us....being creative energized us all, don't you think He knew that?


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