Sunday, April 26, 2015

a big book

It's been a long time since our book club has met. Maybe it's just as well
as our book this time was over 500 pages long. Well written by a great writer,
 Eric M*taxas, the book B*nhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
takes a long time to read and not just because it's lengthy.
It's causes you to stop, think, discuss and ask questions.
This time we met for a simple tea at a pretty table just because we love
pretty--so why not? Bonhoeffer started his life in privilege and
was well educated. His mother probably served tea at a lovely table as well. 
It was later, as he stood his ground and
"submitted to no one and nothing except God and His Word"
that this young German faced a not-so-lovely life in prison.
He was a prolific writer and his quotes are meaty and plenty.
There is so much to say about this man who lived his life with passion
for truth and a commitment to justice. He was willing to give his life for the cause
and he did. The 70th anniversary of his martyrdom was just a few weeks ago.
We sat our friend from Germany on the highchair and she
joined in our lively but sobering discussion.
Would we do the same as this brave man?
"In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal
more than we give, and that it is only with
gratitude that life becomes rich."
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  1. Wow. 70 years.

    I would hope that I would be able to stand for the truth. I believe that God would give me the grace to stand in the face of even death.


  2. How special to have all read the book and discussed it over the tea table. I like all the wonderful details used to make the tea memorable. Bonhoeffer is a high standard to aspire to.

  3. Your book club picked a heavy book to review! What a wonderful man of faith and resolve to remain a man of God under such harsh circumstances! Your table and tea look wonderful, Dotsie! ♥

  4. I can only imagine the discussion you must have had. I love it that your friend from Germany was able to join cool is that? On a personal note, I think the email I sent out with my change of email bounced back...did you happen to get it? I have changed my email to Just want you to know to make the change...thanks and have a great week!

  5. Sounds like a very thought provoking book! I love the tea too!
    Regarding previous post, I do my Romaine lettuce the exact same way!
    xo Kris

  6. I often see him quoted in other books but never read a biography or more about him...I need to do that! :)

  7. Wonderful the book posy and mosaic!

  8. Such a wonderful post. He, indeed was a wonderful man. There really are no words to describe the courage so many displayed during those times. Thank you for reminding me that I should remember that we need to stand for justice and mercy still today! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  9. I know the discussion around this beautiful table was rich and deep and meaty, too. Such a blessings to share this time and challenge to thought and self with women of deep faith and friendship. Every detail of that table reflects the beauty of the ladies surrounding it. I love that. blessings ~ tanna

  10. It's good to read a book like this from time to time. And how nice to be able to talk about it with friends. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  11. Book clubs must be sooo fun. Glad you enjoy it...

  12. Sounds like a great read, I have heard of Bonhoeffer, would like to read this book! Your table setting looked so inviting, a wonderful place for discussion, I can only imagine the thoughts that were shared by friends!
    Have a blessed week,

  13. That would be an interesting read I'm sure. I've not seen the movie of his life yet. Your table setting looks so pretty and I'm sure the discussion was interesting. Blessings. Pam

  14. I've got to read that book. Thank you for reminding me! Beautiful images, Dotsie.

  15. What a great read, I love the quote! It is nice to meet with your book club friends to discuss this book.. The table looks pretty. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  16. What a nice way to have a book club get together. The table looks great and attention has been paid to the details. Isn't technology great to make connections.
    Sylvia D.

  17. Beautiful tea, and sounds like a great discussion...loved the ending quote.

  18. Love the quote at the end, in fact anything that speaks of gratitude.
    Quite the lovely table of goodies and tea (good idea with the tea names on the tags).
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Dotsie.

  19. Your set a beautiful tea, Dotsie, and I'm sure your book club discussion was long and interesting. I like the ending quote very much--in all things show gratitude!

  20. Looks like an amazing tea and an amazing time!

  21. I'm not familiar with the author so I will check it out!

  22. Love your beautiful table set for tea! I agree..."Why not?"

  23. The author's lengthy book is well deserved of this most charming tea! What a beautiful setting of delicate flowers, delicious edibles, and pretty teacups of special brews. I used to belong to a book club when I lived in the city, and remember the wonderful conversations that enlightened all who participated. Thanks for sharing; it was very interesting to learn about Mr. Bonhoeffer.


  24. What a beautiful setting for a Book Club Tea! Nothing like sitting and enjoying scrumptious goodies and discussing a book! I'm sure everyone had a delightful time. Love the quote about gratitude, profound~
    Have a great day~

  25. Podso,
    What an interesting subject!!!
    It does provoke one to think what we would or wouldn't give up, doesn't it???
    This table is so feminine. . .perfect for a Spring Book Club Tea, indeed!!!


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