Monday, November 05, 2007

Drawing Light Out of Darkness

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Nine years ago this month must have been a particularly difficult time in our lives. I remember it vaguely, and that a major computer crash topped it all off--both Spouse and I losing some important work. A note in my worn devotional book by the following reminds of that time, and God's faithfulness, for indeed, He made all things straight. I quote it here as it is as good for me today, as it was back then, and I love Robert Browning's poem at the end:

"If I believe in God, in a Being who made me, and fashioned me, and knows my wants and capacities and necessities, because He gave them to me, and who is perfectly good and loving, righteous, and perfectly wise and powerful,––whatever my circumstances inward or outward may be, however thick the darkness which encompasses me, I can trust, yea, be assured, that all will be well, that He can draw light out of darkness, and make crooked things straight."

Thomas Erskine (they wrote long sentences in the 19th century!)

God! Thou art love! I build my faith in that!
I know Thee, Thou has kept my path and made
Light for me in the darkness––tempering joy;
It were too strange that I should doubt Thy love.

Robert Browning

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