Monday, August 06, 2007

Hot Crepes

In the heat of summer
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Everyone is talking about the weather as we are experiencing the hottest week in several years. We will hit 100 or more; 108 humidity index in the shade. And no rain. What I never stop marveling at, during these "dog days" of August, is the beauty that arises out of the scalding earth: the crepe myrtles. It's as if they don't know it's hot and dry. Their vibrant colors in full bloom are total eye candy at this time of year when it takes great effort to keep flowers alive. Just another thing to be thankful for.

Horatia Eden wrote well over 100 years ago about her friend Mrs. Ewing (a good challenge to me): "I never knew her to fail to find happiness wherever she was placed, and good in whomever she came across. Whatever her circumstances might be, they always yielded to her causes for thankfulness, and work to be done with a ready and hopeful heart." --from the devotional Joy and Strength

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  1. I couldn't believe the temperature that the car showed today and yesterday as we drove through Virginia and NC and on southward. It ranged from 95 to 100. Only when we got close to home did it say 92.

    The crepe myrtles are indeed beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your posts that you've written lately.

    Is that quote from a book? I guess I'm showing my ignorance or my illiterate state. At any rate, I like it.


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