Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bits and Pieces

the remains of the day
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In the space of two weeks, we've had dramatic changes to our quiet street. Older folks moved out and in came three new families. One has three kids; another a baby; and the third has two boys who now play vigorously with formerly lonely boy next door. Two stay-at-home moms (maybe a little of the older woman coming alongside the younger stuff will happen)! It's amazing the energy that is now in our cul de sac! We are thankful for good neighbors and new lives to intertwine with ours.

Number two son is temporarily living here at home while doing an internship in our fair city. (Unfortunately for all of us, his wife remains home most of the time for her nursing job.) But it is a bit of slipping back in time to have both boys sleeping under our roof again (number one bunks here right now anyway.) Of course they are grown men and responsible for their own dailies, but it is nice to have conversations, and to hear "Mom" or "Pop" called out occasionally!

Lastly, last weekend our family celebrated my "aging to yet another marker" at a local Italian eatery. The best thing about the whole meal was the waiter. He was gray-haired, bearded, and without a doubt, saw his job as an art. It was amazing to watch him work ... flawlessly. I've never encountered such an experience, at least where I dine out. And of course, the "icing on the cake" was the fact that he overheard a mention of birthday. Out came a deliciously, sinfully chocolate cake to share around. Mmmmmm ... And the next morning, the actual marker day, dear friends picked me up and we went to a favorite non-chain coffee and tea house where we experienced a couple of hours of serenity, talk, and good coffee and scones. The little friends who came along made it all the more special!

I scoop up all these little bits and pieces that arrive in my life unexpectedly or otherwise, and label them gifts ... uncalled for simple blessings from a heavenly Father that is always, always watching out for me ... and thee.

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  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    This post makes me want to it, and your mentioning of going to a non-chain coffee/tea house. Those large chain places just don't seem to have the same charm, do they?

    Btw, your journal here is a breath of fresh air. Can you come over?!??! :)


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