Thursday, June 14, 2018

I Never Expected ...

I never expected to enjoy Kentucky so much.
We have driven through the state before, spent time in Louisville, 
but on our recent trip there, I soaked in its beauty like never before.
The stately horse farms and beautiful fences,
the deep green of Kentucky bluegrass ...
So much feasting for the eyes.
We stayed in a very small town, and I may just have
enjoyed that most of all.
I loved being able to walk everywhere.  I loved the sound of the
train coming through town, and the old fashioned drug store
where time has stood still.
On the way there, we spent a few hours at the ark.
Truly amazing.
And yes, big!


  1. Small town USA! I have fond memories of the ones I grew up in. Were you visiting someone or just passing through?

  2. Small towns have a certain feel to them, don't they? I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of your visit to Kentucky. The Ark is enormous-Wow! The flowers, the church, the stone wall, the quaint downtown--all so pretty and peaceful. ♥

  3. What a fabulous place to spend time. I love small towns and of course the beautiful horse farms. I took a drive yesterday and spent the day in Micanopy, FL...that was fun. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  4. We used to spend a summer month with my great grandmother in Danville, KY. I remember summer mornings and brilliant blue morning glory on her front porch. Night brought out fireflies. We fell asleep listening to train whistles. Precious memories!


  5. We visited KY for the first time a few years ago. It was so beautiful and we were able to find the area that my family originally came from. Hoping to go back soon for another visit!

  6. Did you like the Ark? We are thinking of going in the fall...

  7. I think you just turned into our new Travel Agent!

  8. It's nice to know there are still small towns like that out there somewhere! Wow, that ark is very impressive.

  9. Very pretty...a line of my family settled in Kentucky and they love it there. So...will you tell us more about The Ark?

  10. I've never been to Kentucky, but I enjoyed seeing its beauty through your eyes!

    Wow . . . The Ark does look big! And it is recreated in the original proportions, right? Amazing!

  11. Well you will certainly get no argument from there for 11 years, we were able to appreciate the beauty of the state. We lived in the small town of Mt. Sterling near Lexington (right in the middle of horse country) and it had many of the characteristics that you described, train and all. We have not made it back to the Ark but would really like to visit it one day. It sounds like a very enjoyable trip!

  12. We're hoping to make the trip to the Ark this summer. It's just down the road a piece from here. Kentucky has some beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  13. It's so nice to be able to spend the time to appreciate an area. About that ark...

  14. It looks like you stayed in a beautiful area. Small towns are wonderful for walking and absorbing the culture and scenery.

  15. Not sure how I missed this post. Kentucky is indeed beautiful, second only to driving through Virginia. But that ark!!!! Heard of it, but didn't know it was completed. Mercy!

  16. I love those horse farms and would like to visit the Ark too.

  17. Wow, that ark is tremendous! Where is that? Sadly I have never visited the beautiful state of Kentucky. I enjoyed seeing your photos of it.

  18. I've always wanted to see Kentucky!

    I'm replying to your comment on my post here because blogger still isn't sending comments to my email after multiple tries to fix.

    We are all excited about the reunion and the best part is the Shutterfly books my sister is making for the bags. We are all related by our great grandmother and my sister is including pics through the generations.

  19. Hi Dotsie,

    I've always wanted to visit Kentucky. My parents went there several years ago, and they really enjoyed it. They visited Churchill Downs and learned a lot about horse racing and thoroughbred horses (and the great racehorse, Secretariat). They also had mint juleps, which my mom hated. :D I just love the sight of all those white farm fences and the pretty, blue-green grass that I've seen in pictures. I have a second cousin who lives in Lexington, and I wish Hal and I could pay her a visit someday. Like you, I really enjoy staying in small towns and LOVE the sound of a train whistle. I enjoyed these images of Americana -- thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week!



  20. I have wanted to go see the ark also, even my son in Oregon is planning a trip there.
    I lived in Paducah Kentucky several years
    Thanks for the tour on the way also.


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