Monday, October 23, 2017

a bird among pumpkins

I placed a little bird among pumpkins for our recent book club gathering.
 The only other nod I could give to the book was some French pastries.
Attendance was nearly 100% for this riveting book, and because
of the busyness of hosting, I forgot to take photos.
We read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It's hard to describe how good the book
is. The writing is exquisite. In case you don't know about the book, two sisters, separated
by age, circumstances, ideals and passions, live their lives 
in war-torn, German-occupied France. 
The novel celebrates the strength of women and the resilient human spirit 
Our discussion was rich as our leader particularly emphasized the characters.
The Gardener and I listened to the book on cd as we drove many miles on a recent road trip.
The reader read with great expression and skill so we got to know the characters
even through her voice. It took many hours (but made the miles fly!) Normally I wouldn't
have time to listen to a book like that, but it was amazing to experience the story this way.
And we enjoyed listening together, stopping the cd occasionally to discuss.
I tried to get a little fancy with something I saw on P*nterest.
Apparently donut holes are not as popular as I thought, but
the grands sure loved having the left-overs.
It was fun to do! 
Now to find the next book.
"In love we find out who we want to be. In war we find out who we are."
Kristin Hannah


  1. Well, if I'd been there you would not have had any left-overs for your grandkids to have! Your tablescape is lovely. I love books on CD where it is "acted" out. It really does make you feel you're actually watching the scene.

  2. Oh I agree with Cathy- I LOVE doughnut holes! Perhaps the gals are trying to watch their weights. Not me, I'd have eaten several, haha.

    Your table is so large - it can fit 12??? WOW - how awesome for large parties like this.

    Your tablescape looks wonderful - and I have added that book to my "wish list" to read. It sounds intriguing. Thanks for the recommendation, Dottie.

    Good to be back. Hugs. ♥

  3. A wonderful book!! I would suggest The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah as being equally as good. I like donut holes!!


  4. I've heard so many glowing reviews for this book and I have it...but haven't read it yet. I started it but set it aside. I want to read it but felt like I needed to wait until I was ready. Your table is beautiful and my hubby would have loved the doughnut holes! Hugs!

  5. Well I like the donut holes idea! I love reading or listening to books in tandem with someone else. Your journey listening to this book sounds very pleasant. And now I am good and curious. Oh, the centerpiece is terrific and the table very pretty.

  6. We have listened to books on long car trips and find it quite enjoyable. Our son-in-law has a wonderful voice and read The Hobbitt on tape that we enjoyed a lot! He did all the voices himself.
    Your table looks beautiful for an Autumn book club meeting. The Nightingale is a wonderful book and one that is not easily forgotten. ♥

  7. It was a lovely time and all you do to make the "meeting" festive always delights me! Thank you so much.

  8. Such a festive and pretty table, Dot! I'm sure your friends appreciated it.

    I have heard of the book, and I've read several of hers previously. I love listening to anything in the car. We did the John Adams biography several years ago to and from work. I don't I could have kept up with the book.


  9. I've read the Nightingale. It's very good! So many books seems to take place during WWII. My book club will be picking 6 new books to read in December. Any suggestions?

  10. It sounds like a really good book and I have to agree that listening to a book on CD really can bring the characters to life. The first book I ever listened to was "Wish You Well" by David Baldacci and I remember being able to actually see the characters in my mind. Your table is absolutely the old books with the pumpkins and berries...and of course, the little bird adds the perfect touch!

  11. Everything looks lovely and I love doughnut holes.

  12. I have never listened to a book recording. I'm adding The Nightingale to my list of books to read. Your recommendation sounds great.

  13. I have so many books I want to read! You've got me interested in this one, too!

  14. My heart went pitter-pat at the sight of your table set for guests! I love gatherings. I love pretty tables. I love that your table seats twelve. And now I am intrigued with The Nightingale.

  15. That’s a good sized book club. Your table is elegant in blue and white. Donut holes are a favorite of mine and I noticed several others agree with me. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  16. That's the table that I need. A lobely table. I hope you get well soon... with love Janice


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