Thursday, April 06, 2017

nature stories

 The dogwood. It's whispy beauty gleams in the most surprising places.
A sprinkle of color here or there, peeking out of woods, along fences.
Its thin, oft crooked trunk proudly bends to its Easter tale.
The story is that its strong wood was used for crucifixions.
After one was used for Christ's cross, dogwoods never grew straight again.
The flowers, in the shape of  the cross, portray the crown of thorns,
the drops of blood and the nails.
It may be southern folklore, but dogwoods stop me to remember.
In our garden one solitary azalea blossom survived the freeze.
The bush is huge and usually blooming white.
 You may make your own story here, but for me it's about the Gardener.
I'm so thankful he's home after serious back surgery
and six days in the hospital.
A new lease on life, one could say.
Our neighbor's dogwood and late blooming (after freeze) azalea, 
seen through the branches of our baby dogwood, just starting to bloom.


  1. The dogwood is Virginia's state tree. They are all over--from lawns to the mountains. I love them! Glad to hear that the Gardener is on the mend. Those lovely blooms should be good "medicine".


  2. I'm glad to hear your Gardener is back home and recovering. The Pacific Dogwood is our provincial flower. I had never heard of the legend of the cross and crown of thorns. I like having things in my everyday life that remind me of spiritual truths. Thank you for this.
    Our dogwoods are barely beginning to swell with life. Soon, though...

  3. That's good news about the Gardener, Dotsie. You must be glad to have him back home. Back surgery is a serious one and I'm happy to hear all went well for him. I hope his recovery is swift and he is feeling better each day.
    I remember my Nanny telling me the story about the dogwood. She also added that it was illegal to cut one down. I'm not sure of that one, but I do see reminders of God's love in nature. Our dogwoods are swelling now and should be in full bloom by this weekend. Have a restful weekend. ♥

  4. I've always thought of dogwoods as a romantic tree of the south, along with magnolias. I'd forgotten of the religious significance but a good reminder.
    I hope your husband is comfortable and healing well after his surgery, and likely glad that part is over.

  5. I'm glad your gardner is recovering!

    I love Dogwoods, and have heard that story before. Its a lovely one.

  6. Oh my! Did I miss that? So glad that your Beloved is home from the hospital after serious back surgery. I will pray for a steady recovery and a quality fix for the back issues. I suspect that he was in a fair amount of pain to be willing to have surgery. Here's to being pain free. What a blessing that he has a good nurse in you.

    Thank you for the reminder about the legend of the dogwood tree. The other day, when you posted on Instagram, it looked so familiar, but I had forgotten. Maybe it will help me pause the next time I see it.

    What a disappointment with the frozen azaleas...perhaps they will bloom in a few months. I have heard of that happening.

    Next time when you go missing, I'll know to start looking for you! 💐

  7. Six days in the hospital! We know it's serious when that happens these days. I'm glad to hear that the surgery was successful. I hope the therapy/recovery goes well and gives him lasting relief. Your photos of the dogwood are just gorgeous. Interesting folklore to go along with them. Anything that reminds me of Jesus and keeps me focused on Him is a good thing.

  8. Dotsie, this is such a beautiful post and your dogwood photos are simply stunning. I can't look at a dogwood tree without relating it to the Easter story, can you? I will add my prayers to the others for the quick recovery of your hubby...surely quite an ordeal he has been through. We lost a few azalea blooms too but more and more they are continuing to open up. After the blooming season is over, they are all getting pruned! Take good care of the Gardener.

  9. Glad to hear that all is well for the Gardener, I hope that he is soon up and about and back to life again - if he isn't already of course! The dogwoods are beautiful aren't they.

  10. I see the way God tells our stories all around us, too. Lessons... Affirmations... Comfort... So glad the Gardener is home and praying for a continued speedy recovery. And, rest for you. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  11. So many lessons come to us through God's creations. And spring is such a beautiful time of year, full of those glorious creations and new life! I rejoice with you that your beloved Gardener has a new lease on life!

  12. Glad to hear the Gardener is back at home and praying he recuperates well. Dogwoods are a favorite of mine. My Pink one is budding and I'm looking forward to enjoy the blooms.

  13. I'm so glad to hear the Gardener is back home and doing well! We are to have a freeze tonight, but at least our azaleas have not bloomed yet. We have several Dogwood and love the story that goes with it.

  14. I'm very glad he is home and resting now. I've remembered him in my prayers and appreciate your prayers for my sweet hubby too. Guess what? I read Boys in the Boat in less than a week! I could NOT stop reading it. I will give it my highest rating on Goodreads. I only give that rating to a few books...this one was very deserving! I've been recommending it to everyone I talk to! Thanks for mentioning it on your blog! Hugs to you and hubby, Diane

  15. Interesting thoughts about the dogwood! It surely is a gorgeous tree! So sorry to hear about your husband, but glad he is back at home! The last picture is gorgeous, love those beautiful blooms!

  16. Hey sweet one. Hope your main squeeze continues to heal well and you can enjoy today. Gorgeous spring day here. You might be getting our yesterday's clouds and gentle rain, though.

  17. Hey sweet one. Hope your main squeeze continues to heal well and you can enjoy today. Gorgeous spring day here. You might be getting our yesterday's clouds and gentle rain, though.

  18. The dogwood is beautiful. Nothing in bloom here yet as we're still melting. I'm glad your husband had a successful back surgery and is home recuperating. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  19. I couldn't leave a comment on your Easter post and it's a good thing because I went backward and found this post. I have never seen dogwood. It is so pretty.


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