Sunday, October 15, 2017


 There's a little retro vintage and antique shop where my sister lives.
We like to drop by there each time I visit.
This year I noticed the place had changed a fair bit.
Gone were most of the furniture antiques.
And there was very little pottery or china on display.
 But we did see an exact replica of our mom's old kitchen aide.
Then there were what I call little bits of things. Like a bowl of
old wooden spools. Clothespins wrapped in bric-a-brac.
A banner of old letters, envelopes and vintage alphabet cards. 
The letters were interesting to read and I loved the idea.
I asked the proprietor why they were selling little bags of old slides.
"The college kids find them fascinating as they have never seen them before."
Notice the half made lamp shade above. 
Apparently preparing the slides to hang on the shade was a very slow process.
 "Does anyone use the old sewing patterns?" I asked.
I learned that people bought them to actually use. 
Those that don't like the idea that children 
in other lands may have had a part in sewing the clothes at stores.
 Also missing was the vintage bridal shop in this back room.
But there was a lot of other unique clothing, shoes and hats.
The shop's changes remind me that peoples' tastes and interests evolve.
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  1. Well that was interesting! These trends have not yet hit my corner yet, but I could sure employ the banner of old letters idea! I could make a banner the length of the house and back 20 times. 🙃

  2. Very interesting shop, Dot. I have a ton of slides from my modeling career. Under keeps, of course!


  3. What a very cool shop, still, even though it has undergone these changes...I can only imagine it before. I could add hundreds of slides to that lampshade! I think that retro Kitchen Aide was like one my mom had when I was girl. I remember well those heavy milk glass-like mixing bowls that came with them.

  4. I have notice that if you are in a college town they do gear things toward the students than every one else.

  5. I enjoyed that so much. Sort of left my head for a minute. You made me feel I was walking the aisles with you.

  6. This looks like my storage area!

  7. I'd love this little shop -- browsing heaven! Love old letters. Fun post! Happy Monday!

  8. That is a very interesting shop for sure and yes, people and tastes change so much. I bet the lampshade with the old slides looks rather unique when the lamp is lit. I have about 10 old dress patterns from the 50's and don't know what to do with them. I expect they'll end up in the garbage or recycle bin one day but I'll hang on to them for now. The dress styles are so beautiful from that era. Have a lovely week. Pam

  9. That looks like an interesting shop. Maybe I can check it out when we are there in January.

  10. Vintage retro seems to be more popular everywhere at the moment, old/antique brown furniture, pottery and china are old hat.
    Now old hats are more collectable!!
    Good to see @ MM again, hope you have a wonderful week.

  11. Well that was fascinating! We have a whole huge storage locker-type drawer full of slides and related equipment... some ours, some “inherited” from my dear father...I’ve made copies of all the family photos...but haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of the originals or the many travel slides from my parents. ...LOL, could be a small fortune sitting in a drawer in our daughter’s outbuilding ...too funny.

  12. What an interesting shop. They are certainly hoping to be ahead of the trend and focusing on the younger generation. We have boxes of slides that we look at every few years - it's kind of a retro fun evening!

  13. What a neat shop to browse! I like the idea of the letters for the banner. I would love to have enough to do that. Maybe I need to scan some! Enjoy your day. It's cooler here now...only in the 70s yesterday! Hugs!

  14. Change is good - new things for you to browse. I love the bowl of spools.

  15. I guess that as home styles change people no longer want the antique furniture. They can get the feel they want with collections of much smaller items. I know I would have fun in the shop.

  16. Looks like a great place to spend some time. I'll have to ask my mom what happened to all the slides we used to have. Fun idea to decorate the lamp with them.


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