Wednesday, June 15, 2016

hodge podge a first

1. If you could sit beside and/or jump in any lake in the whole 
wide world today, which lake would you choose and why?
Lake Lure in North Carolina, a man-made lake. We used to share an old house 
there with four other families and our kids "grew up" there in the summers. 
 So many happy memories.
2. What's your favorite 'fruity' drink?
Blueberry iced tea. 

3. I read a list here of thirteen things to do right now to simplify your life. 
They were:
clean as you go, re-evaluate your relationships (cut toxic ties), unsubscribe (too many blogs and websites), de-clutter, write down your daily goals, reply to emails right away, forget multi-tasking, create a morning routine, re-evaluate your commitments (which hobbies and respon-sibilities are most important to you), say no, clean up your computer, and plan your day ahead

Which of the tasks listed do you currently find most helpful in keeping life simple? Which item on the list should you adopt in order to simplify your life this month? 

I try to clean as I go,  still learning to say no, but not nearly as hard as it used to be. Cleaning up my computer and clearing out websites and blogs is on my list just as is cleaning out closets and getting rid of things. Jotting a list of things to do for the 
next day makes for fun checking off the next day and giving me a sense 
(true or false) of accomplishing things! 

4. What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school?
Continued working in a nursing home. Lots of good experience for when I studied nursing.

5. Are you a fan of podcasts? If so what's a favorite?
Not into them much, but listen to The World and Everything In It 
each morning if I remember.

6. Do you think today's fathers have it harder, easier, or just different than fathers in the past?
Probably the same though the challenges may be different.
 Dads are certainly more involved in caring 
for babies and house hold tasks than my father's generation was.

7. Tell us one way you're like your father? 
Or not at all like your father if that's easier?
I am almost a clone of my mother, but my sister often says, "You sound just like Dad." 
I do have some of his traits including love of history, 
family history and being sentimental.
He also introduced me to Jesus.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
This is my first hodgepodge. I've always enjoyed reading others, 
and this is one where I had some answers, 
so thought I'd give it a try!

(sorry the formatting went nuts tonight).


  1. I love something like this, that gives me more of a sense of what an old friend is like. I had to smile at your reason for taking part in this particular one!!

  2. It's always nice to learn a little more about the people we spend time with! I have a box of questions I bring out sometimes when we have company that asks similar questions. I just got the idea to use it with my Take Joy Society group. There is still much we don't know about each other! P.S. I hope my web journal isn't one you cut! :-)

  3. Lovely Lake Lure! I always planned to buy a house and move there one day. Nice to learn more about you this morning. So many points I agree with. Others, I need to incorporate. "Cleaning" up the computer is at the top of my list.


  4. Dotsie, I enjoyed reading your answers. I remember going to Lake Lure when we went to Chimney Rock. There is a lovely view from there of the lake. That must be a wonderful place to share with family. ♥

  5. I always enjoy the Hodgepodge posts (such as at Cranberry Morning). Nice to get a little better acquainted with you this morning!

  6. I loved reading this and it has my mind going lots of different directions now.

  7. Welcome to the Hodgepodge! Enjoyed reading your answers!

  8. I also submitted my first Hodgepodge this week. I too love Lake Lure, so beautiful. It was nice learning some things about you. This is fun!
    Lori in Blue Ridge

  9. I also submitted my first Hodgepodge this week. I too love Lake Lure, so beautiful. It was nice learning some things about you. This is fun!
    Lori in Blue Ridge


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